Multiple housing in East Lindsey

PEOPLE operating licensable Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMO) in East Lindsey will only be able to apply for three year licences in the future.

In recent months the Council has prosecuted a number of HMO owners for failing to properly maintain their properties and in not doing so putting those living in them at risk of harm.

East Lindsey District Council has reduced the licensable term from five years as part of its continued efforts to drive up living standards for tenants.

The shorter term will mean the Council can carry out more frequent inspections in order to alleviate any ongoing issues with regard to the HMO Management Regulations, and potential hazards.

Portfolio Holder for Housing at the District Council, Coun William Gray, said: “Many HMOs in East Lindsey operate to a high standard but sadly some don’t. This Policy decision means we will have a firmer grip on the standards in licensable HMOs and be better placed to take action should they fail to be maintained to a level that provides a dignified and safe way of living.”

A HMO generally needs to be licensed if it is a building used as permanent accommodation of three floors or more with at lease five tenants, with some shared facilities.

Anyone who owns such a property and is unsure whether it requires a licence, should contact the District Council on 01507 601111 for advice.