MURDER TRIAL LATEST: Stewart Greene described by psychiatrist as a “callous” and “manipulative” man

Lincoln Crown Court EMN-150619-153432001
Lincoln Crown Court EMN-150619-153432001

A psychiatrist today (Wednesday) described Stewart Greene as a “callous” and “manipulative” man.

Dr Philip Joseph, giving evidence on the seventh day of the trial at Lincoln Crown Court, said that he diagnosed Greene as having a psychopathic personality disorder.

But he said that in his view Greene did not fit the criteria which would allow him to be convicted of manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

Dr Joseph said: “He has a callous unconcern for the feelings of others. He is incapable of expressing guilt and has a marked proneness to blame others for his difficulties.”

He said Greene told him: “I don’t not get on with any of my family. I only thought of myself. I don’t know what love is.”

Dr Joseph added: “Mr Greene has tried over the years to do everything he can to get the care he feels he is entitled to. He is manipulative and will do anything to achieve what he wants.

“It is quite clear he should have left hospital a long time before he did. He was doing everything he could to remain in the hospital. There was no reason for him to remain there. It was abundantly clear that this man did not want to leave the hospital. He should have gone a long time before then.

“I conclude that Mr Greene does not have a defence to murder of manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility. He was not legally insane at the time. His culpability for the killing , in my view, is very high.”

Greene, of Grimoldby, has admitted to the jury that he drowned his nine-year-old grandson Alex Robinson in the bath at Alex’s family home in Pennell Street, Lincoln.

The incident happened just 12 days after Greene was discharged from the Peter Hodgkinson Centre, a psychiatric unit in Lincoln.

The trial continues tomorrow (Thursday).