Musician Sue played Elgar’s trombone for CD

Sue Addison.
Sue Addison.

A former Louth woman has recorded a CD using a trombone that once belonged to world famous composer Edward Elgar.

Sue Addison saw the trombone in the museum at the Royal College of Music and asked them if she could borrow it.

After restoration Sue made recordings of Elgar’s work and his contemporaries using the trombone.

She said it was a pleasure to play. Sue has produced a CD called Elgar’s Trombone.

Ten per cent of all CD sales from the website will support Jessie’s Fund, a UK charity helping children with additional and complex needs through the use of music. People can also order the CD by emailing

Sue said: “When researching the music for this project, I wanted to rely on one of Elgar’s greatest strengths: his ability to write very beautiful melodies. Unfortunately, most were written for violin, cello, piano, voice and full orchestra, but certainly not for the trombone. I explored the works of his contemporaries and also found equally stunning tunes, well-suited to the trombone but again not written expressly for it.

“As I felt the melodic quality of the music was a priority, I decided to arrange some of this early 20th century repertoire and use it as a showcase for the instrument that Elgar himself played.

“This CD is dedicated to three people who have sadly passed away since the making of the recording: Joyce Davey (the aunt who bought me my first trombone), Arthur Wilson (my teacher at the RCM), and Ken Addison (a loving and supportive father). I remember them with gratitude and affection for all their support, belief and encouragement in starting and maintaining my professional career.”

Elgar, famous for the Proms favourite Land of Hope and Glory, died in 1934.

Sue was born in Louth and was educated at Monks’ Dyke High School.

Most of her family still live in Louth and she visits the town regularly.