Mysterious ‘black triangle’ seen over Mablethorpe

What could this mystery triangle be?
What could this mystery triangle be?

COULD this mystery black triangle be proof of an alien invasion, a secret military exercise or just a trick of the light?

Reader Peter Gregory took this still from a video he took at his home in Mablethorpe on Tuesday, which appears to show a black triangle of light.

Peter said the myserious object was first seen by his wife Sue who was out in the garden with the family dog.

Peter reckons it could be the mystery ‘Black Triangle’ or TR3B.

Peter said: “As it came closer Sue noticed the lights looked different to ordinary aircraft so she called another family member to bring his camera.

“A few seconds later he started filming and continued to do so for about a minute until the triangle moved over the house and disappeared.

“The video footage is rather shaky but part of the film does show the classic triangle shape.”

He continued: “Having personally watched this triangle through binoculars I can definitely say these lights were not Chinese lanterns; they were all a fixed part of the same nuts and bolts aircraft.”

Peter said the object could be a military black project, kept secret from the world’s population.

Some researchers have said such mystery triangles could be ‘electrically charged buoyant plasmas’ that refract light.

What do you think? Could this be an alien invasion or a secret project? Have you seen something similar? Email