Name chosen for old Louth pool housing development

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Latest News

A name has been chosen for the upcoming housing development at the former swimming pool site 
in Riverhead Road.

Suggestions from local councillors were put forward to the Town Clerk ahead of the latest Louth Town 
Council meeting on Tuesday March 24, 
and the proposals were discussed on the evening.

The most popular 
proposal, put forward by Councillor George Horton, was ‘Theodore West Way’, 
which was proposed in recognition of the benefactor who gave the land to the people of Louth 
in the 1970s.

The Mayor’s Secretary, Lynda Phillips, told the Leader that the suggestion has since been forwarded to East Lindsey District Council, which has approved the suggestion.

Other suggestions that were put forward included ‘Kalvos Close’, in honour of the 19th century Greek poet Andreas Kalvos who later settled in Louth, and ‘La Ferté-Bernard Place’ in recognition of Louth’s twin town.

Coun Horton told the Leader: “I am delighted that my suggestion has been chosen. I put it forward in recognition of the benefactor who gave the land to Louth.”

The 29-home development is currently well underway, and is expected to be completed by September 
this year.