National Dialect Day held in Louth

THE East Lincolnshire Dialect Society, Far Welter’d, has announced that National Dialect Day is to be held in Louth.

People with accents from all over the country will be at the British Legion Hall in Northgate on Saturday October 22.

The first two National Dialect Days were held in Lancashire but Louth and Lincolnshire were chosen for this year’s gathering.

Poets, story tellers and singers come together to compete in three competitions, followed by an evening of entertainment.

Lincolnshire food, including stuffed chine, haslet, local sausages and plum bread will be served.

One of the competitions is for a poem, story or song written by the performer in their chosen dialect and Far Welter’d want Lincolnshire folk to enter.

Far welter’d (welter’d is of Danish origin) is the phrase used to describe a sheep with a long woolly coat which has rolled over on its back. Because sheep have relatively short legs, they can’t easily get up. This is why it’s important that the shepherd checks the herd every day, lest a far welter’d sheep starves or chokes to death. 

The phrase is often used as a metaphor. You’re ‘far welter’d’ if you’re in an awkward position and you need help to get out of it. 

The Victorian Fayre will take place on the following day.