National Housing Federation East Midlands house prices research

THE cost of buying your own home in the East Midlands increased by nearly three times the rate of an average salary over the past ten years – leaving thousands of people without a hope of ever getting on the housing ladder.

National Housing Federation research found that in 2001 the average price of a home in the East Midlands was £85,244, and the average salary was £14,971.

In the space of ten years the price of a home has rocketed to £160,997 – an increase of 89 per cent - whereas wages have risen just 31 perc ent to £19,661, making buying a home increasingly unaffordable for thousands of workers.

While, overall, the East Midlands has seen a 44 per cent increase in the gap between house prices and wages between 2001 and 2011, the 10 worst affected areas are:

Corby in Northamptonshire


Charnwood in Leicestershire

Gedling in Nottinghamshire

South Kesteven in Lincolnshire

East Northamptonshire

Chesterfield in Derbyshire



High Peak in Derbyshire