National Markets Day in Louth and Mablethorpe

A WEEK long celebration of market towns will take place in East Lindsey, starting on National Markets Day on June 23.

Rather than a single day celebration like many areas, East Lindsey District Council will deliver a week long programme of events and activities set to bring towns including Louth and Mablethorpe alive, with street theatre, music and dance, as part of a dual celebration combined with SO Festival 2012.

As well as entertainment to draw shoppers into the towns, the council has increased its publicity and promotion of markets in a bid to support traders and encourage more people to show their love for markets.

Markets have been a staple in the community of East Lindsey for centuries, and as part of the Council’s plan to revitalise markets the Authority is encouraging people to embrace them and celebrate what they have to offer.

Portfolio Holder for Economy at East Lindsey District Council, Councillor Craig Leyland, said: “Markets have been an incredibly important part of our towns for many years and we need them to be successful for the benefit of the whole economy, in particular the traders who stand. We are working hard to breathe a new lease of life into the markets to ensure they are welcoming and a good place to trade and shop.

“I hope local people and visitors to the area celebrate Markets Week in East Lindsey and take the opportunity to visit their local town and market to see what it has to offer.”