New board for Louth Town Partnership

The new board for the Louth Town Partnership - the group dedicated to boosting the town - has been announced.

At the AGM they agreed to change their constitution to allow for 12 board members, in line with suggestions made by a consultant who has been working with the Town Partnership to help strengthen the board.

Jerry Gale, who was acting Chairman, was elected to continue in the role. He said: “I am delighted to have been re-elected into this role and feel that my skills and experience will help to see Louth thrive in the challenging times we have ahead. We are keen to really engage with local businesses this year and this AGM we welcomed two new business people to the Board. Mike Bristow from Larders Coffee House and Nick Heywood from Jassies Sweet Shop in Pawnshop Passage. Both men are passionate about Louth, enthusiastic about the year ahead and encouraging more businesses to come on board.”

Mike Bristow, Owner of Larders Coffee House was elected Vice Chair. Councillor, accommodation business owner and former Mayor, Jill Makinson-Sanders was elected to continue as Secretary with Dianna Broadmeadow as her support. Mick Foreman was elected to continue the role as Treasurer.

Other board members are Alan Mumby, Brian Burnett, Dave Wing, George Horton, Nick Louth, Nick Heywood and Sue Locking. To volunteer your help call 07917 62819 or email