New book tells of alternative policing tales from Mablethorpe

The Mablethorpe Connection.
The Mablethorpe Connection.

A NEW book chronicles a world of alternative policing in Mablethorpe.

Artist BP Perry has penned The Mablethorpe Connection, an online offering following the adventures of detective inspector Snake Wolfbane of the fictional Mablethorpe Holiday Police Constabulary.

Although Ben admits the book is only loosely based on the town, it does include the Dunes and some surrounding towns.

The blurb says: “With the town on the verge of financial collapse, and with criminals crawling out of the woodwork from all sides, Snake’s going to need his keen copper’s nose, his love of awful soft rock ballads, his encyclopaedic knowledge of local breakfast menus, his extensive wardrobe of eclectic clothing, his questionable approach to modern policing procedures and his seemingly invincible liver if he’s going to stand any chance of holding back the tsunami of frankly unbelievable events that threaten to engulf Mablethorpe and ruin the forthcoming Christmas panto season.”

Ben wrote the book after his serialised blog, The Cannibals of Mablethorpe, took off and he was urged by avid readers to take the story on.

Character Snake is ‘a bitter, 1970s-style, alcoholic detective inspector in the style of Jack Regan’.

The book is available online at, priced at £4.11 for an e-book download.