New book Yallery and the Cup of Rűberzahl donated to Louth Library

When a hawk told Yallery Brown about a tribe of gnomes that could potentially rid him of the curse that rendered him three inches tall he thought it was the end of all his troubles.

Unfortunately his problems were only just beginning thanks to a witch, a faery and a race of irate gods. Only the Cup of Rűberzahl has the chance of saving him and potentially the world.

If only he had a clue how it worked...

This is the tantalising plot of new book Yallery and the Cup of Rűberzahl by Louth author Chris Keeler.

It is a sequel to Yallery and the Lance of Cirein-Croin.

Yallery Brown is a small, mischievous creature from an old Lincolnshire folk tale who Chris has brought to life in what is planned as a series of books.

Chris, a teacher at Monks’ Dyke Tennyson College, has donated a copy of his latest book to local libraries, including Louth and Mablethorpe.

Yallery and the Cup of Rűberzahl is available to buy on Amazon.