New bullying claim hits council

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A Louth Town Councillor chose not to attend council meetings because he feels “too bullied” whenever he attends, according to a fellow councillor.

Coun Laura Stephenson spoke at last week’s Town Council meeting to explain that her son, Coun Jack Wood, was not in attendance.

Coun Stephenson said: “Jack Wood is not here because every time he has, he has felt as though the rest of the council have treated him very badly, and he has felt bullied.”

Gasps of disbelief were heard from other councillors before the meeting was swiftly moved on.

Town Councillors have previously been hit by accusations of bullying, which led to an official complaint to ELDC’s Monitoring Officer last July after Coun Stephenson was told to “shut up” by a fellow councillor during a heated debate.

Coun Wood, who is not standing for re-election in next month’s Town Council elections, was not available for comment.