New charity shop in Mablethorpe receives warm welcome

New charity shop Kidz2911 recently opened its doors in Wellington Road.
New charity shop Kidz2911 recently opened its doors in Wellington Road.

A charity shop that helps give children in Africa a better life has opened up in Mablethorpe thanks to a caring family that recently moved into the area.

Stacy Gibb, her husband Phil, and their two children, Rebekah (4) and Hannah (7) moved to Mablethorpe from Hertfordshire in January.

The family set up charity Kidz2911 three years ago, and are now carrying on the work from their new home.

The charity works with deprived children in Zimbabwe, where the Gibb family have set up a home. Children are fostered through a sponsorship scheme.

“We have received such a warm welcome from the people of Mablethorpe - it’s been amazing,” said Stacy.

“There are currently nine children in our foster home in Zimbabwe, and we are hoping to open up another place for more children in January.”

Before Stacy met her hubsand Phil, he was a missionary in Africa for 20 years and has always been passionate about helping the young children there.

He then met Stacy and the couple had their two children, and they all headed to over Africa together.

The whole family fell in love with Africa and enjoyed meeting the children there and wanted to help - and that’s when the charity all began.

“We all love Africa and now our foster home is set up there, we try to get over as often as we can,” Stacy added.

“My children now love the fact that they have other brothers and sisters - the foster children are a big part of our family.”

She added that their success to expand the foster home has been helped thanks to the generosity and support from the people in Mablethorpe since the shop opened a couple of weeks ago.

The charity is named after the children they help, and from the Bible. In the holy book, Jeremiah 29:11 talks about hope for the future.

Stacy believes this was a fitting name, as all their charity tries to do is to give the foster children a future.

The Kidz2911 shop is based in Wellington Road and is open between 9am and 1pm, from Monday to Saturday.