New headteacher for East Ravendale school

Mr Richard Mottram
Mr Richard Mottram

Richard Mottram has taken up position of new headteacher at East Ravendale Church of England Primary School.

Mr Mottram started the role at the beginning of this month, and is looking forward to the year ahead.

He previously taught at Keelby Primary School, where he was in charge of the day to day running of the school as Head of Operations.

Prior to that, he spent a year teaching in Cairo, Egypt, in a school for 1600 pupils, most of whom were English speaking Egyptians.

His family accompanied him to Egypt and his three daughters attended the school in which he taught.Before that, Richard had been deputy headteacher at Caistor Church of England and Methodist Primary School where he had taught for six years in total.

When he first went for a look around at East Ravendale, Richard immediately new it was a school he would like to lead.

The school places a lot of emphasis on the arts, with a strong tradition in music, and its rural location leads to a lot of outdoor learning. Mr Mottram intends to carry on with these traditions.

Mr Mottram said: “I have worked in a school that won ‘Lincolnshire School Choir of the Year’, and I know the power of music to give children confidence in in their abilities.

“We are asking more and more of the children, and this self-confidence and awareness really helps children have an extra boost in their learning.”

The school has already planned a number of events over the coming months, from a music concert with the children playing, to a talent show, to guide dogs visiting the school.

Mr Mottram said:“It is so important that the children have a lot of different experiences at school.

“We always need to be relentless in the basics of reading, writing and maths, but we also want our children to thrive in the world and become global citizens.

“I want the children at East Ravendale to be inquisitive and excited citizens who take an active interest in the world around them.”