New info point in Louth for Lincolnshire Credit Union

John Nutton at the new access point in Louth.
John Nutton at the new access point in Louth.

The Lincolnshire Credit Union has set up a new Information Point in Louth.

It was set up recently after the closure of its Access Point in the town last year due to lack of volunteers.

Their new port of call is in the foyer of Louth Job Centre in Eastgate.

The Lincs Credit Union will operate there on Wednesdays from 10am to noon.

The credit union is a local community bank for residents and/or workers in Lincolnshire.

It is a way to help people have an alternative account who may struggle with a national banking organisation or building society.

For many people, it’s a lifeline for those who need to apply for Universial Credit or other benefits.

The credit union’s bank is owned by its members, with a board of voluntary, unpaid directors and is regulated in the same ways that other banks are regulated, by The Financial Control Authority.

This service also offer free money advice.

For further information about the credit union, how they can help you or if you would like to volunteer, please visit: Or you can call: 01522 873550.