New Korea war book from Jim

New book
New book

A Louth man has put together a fascinating book on the ‘forgotten’ war in Korea, in the early 1950s.

Captain Jim Boardman’s new book Tracks in Korea (an Anthology) is on sale now at Wrights and MSR in Louth.

With Major General Henry Woods he has compiled an account of their regiments’ participation 60 years ago.

Majopr General Woods and Captain Boardman saw service from different backgrounds, the General from a Sandhurst and university foundation, Jim from enlistment as a boy soldier in March 1939.

They served in the the 5th Royal Inniskilling Dragoon Guards and have continued to support the present tregiment, now amalgamated and entitled The Royal Dragoon Guards.

Jim researched and produced drafts, the General proof read and advised throughout the preparation. Jim has previously given his experience in the book Tracks in Europe, published in 1991.

Jim said: “Operating Centurion tanks in a terrain of high hills, paddy fields, earthen roads, accommodation in bunkers in hillsides, weather conditions of extreme cold in winter, sometimes 60 degrees F below freezing and 120 degrees F in summer. A country rife with malaria and songo fever which had crippled the Japanese Army during their occupation. Rats carried the mite.

“The heroic battle fought by the Gloucestershire Regiment is an account given by the late Rev ‘Sam’ Davies, the Padre and a drummer, Tony Eagles who were to spend three years as Prisoners of War, forced to march hundreds of miles.”

The book is in support of regimental association funds.