New leaders welcomed to Salvation Army in Louth


LOUTH Salvation Army is being headed up by two new leaders, Envoys husband and wife duo Barbara and Bernard Snook.

The Salvation Army branch located in Church Street is renowned for its popular church services and provides a place for community activities.

Since taking over the reigns from Tony and Mavis Goodwin who have now retired, Barbara and Bernard have taken on their new appointment successfully in only a short space of time.

Even though they are new to the area, they have past expertise in rural areas having come from a church in Crook, a small rural town in County Durham.

Bernard said: “We have had a very warm welcome from the local community and were aiming to get to know our regulars first before we branch out further”.

Barbara continued to say: “We want to lead people spiritually and become a place for the community.

“We are here for the people who need us”.

With their Court Yard Cafe becoming increasing popular, the new dynamic duo are on hand to welcome ‘anyone and everyone’, Barbara said.

The Salvation Army are always calling out for volunteers. Anyone interested should please call Barbara and Bernard on 01507 354366 or 01507 602289.