New Look supports the Butterfly Hospice

The meditation healing course begins on February 15.
The meditation healing course begins on February 15.

Fashion retailer New Look, which has a store in Louth, has adopted the Butterfly Hospice in Boston as its chosen charity for the year.

New Look East Region manager Sandi Adams explained why the hospice was chosen and is so close to her heart.

“In 2006 my world fell apart when my 23-year-old son Nick was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given only six weeks to live.

“He was in immense pain and no-one seemed able to control it.

“The nurses were able to find him a bed in the nearest hospice to us which was a 90 mile journey away.

“Within two hours of being admitted, he had seen a doctor, had a treatment plan and for the first time since diagnosis he was pain free. After a short stay he was able to return home to the care of his family for a while.”

Tragically this was not to be for long and Nick spent his final days in hospital and Sandi saw how very different his care was in comparison to the time he had spent in the hospice.

Since then Sandi has supported the charity by fundraising to build and equip the hospice.

Two weeks ago she was proud to see the plaque for Nick’s Room placed above a hospice bedroom door.

New Look staff are holding raffles and other fundraising events.

Store managers will be given the opportunity to get more personally involved with the charity allowing them two days to volunteer with the staff at the hospice.