New Men’s Shed project is being set up in Louth


The “men’s shed” phenomenon, which has taken the UK by storm over the past year, is coming to Louth.

Greg Gilbert, a community outreach manager for the Parish of Louth, wants to set up the scheme in the town 
to provide an outlet for primarily older men who face isolation.

The scheme, which started in Australia before becoming popular across the globe, will see older men (generally aged 50 or over) meet to carry out hobbies such as woodwork, allotment work, repairs, renovation and engineering.

Greg is currently looking for volunteers to join him in setting up the Louth men’s shed.

Greg said: “This project will give men the opportunity to go to a place where other guys are, to do things that guys do.

“Many men get close to retirement age and think “that’s it, my life is over now”. This can lead to isolation, and can damage mental wellbeing. Men die on average, 10 years earlier than women.

“We want to bring men together to share their skills, have a laugh, and have a cup of tea while working on practical activities of their choice.

“We could have days out fishing, for example. It’s really up to the guys.

“We are currently looking for a location to set up the men’s shed in Louth, and over time we hope to increase volunteering opportunities and also get some intergenerational work 

“These groups could offer life skills to kids whose dads aren’t around any more.”

Visit the “Men’s Shed Louth” Facebook group for more information.