New mental health support group to start in Mablethorpe

Ryan Frisby is setting up a new support network to help people with mental health problems.
Ryan Frisby is setting up a new support network to help people with mental health problems.

A man from Mablethorpe with mental health problems is setting up his own group so he can help others get the support they need.

Brave Ryan Frisby,30,had behavioural problems growing up and has bipolar disorder and a personality disorder - he now wants to set up a group in the town where others with mental health problems have a place to go for advice and support.

“I have found that there is a lack of support and understanding about mental health in our area and I have spent many years feeling isolated,” Ryan explained.

“I have my good days and my bad days like anyone else, but I have my fantastic wife Melissa who has been a massive support to me as well as my three children and other members of my family.

“But there is not enough help and support out in Mablethorpe and Sutton on Sea - so I want to create a network where people like myself can go, to talk, to be quiet, to have a cup of tea 
and to not feel judged.

“This won’t cure my bipolar, but I hope it will make it easier to live with and I hope it can help make at least one person’s life that little bit easier.”

In order to make Ryan’s new group Marbles - Mental Health Support Network, working in conjunction with Grimsby and Cleethorpes MIND - a reality, a charity tattoo event is set to take place at Sacred Enhancements Body Art Studio in Tennyson Road.

It will be happening on August 22 where Ryan, his wife and around 20 others will all be getting sponsored to get a green ribbon tattoo which will raise the funds for this new group.

The group has also been set up for the people that spend hours looking after their 
loved ones.

Ryan’s wife Melissa added: “I am married to the strongest, most inspirational man I know.

“He fights a battle most people don’t see, I see it.

“I spend each day caring for him and I ask for nothing in return, but some days, it isn’t that easy - sometimes it’s lonely, sometimes it can feel like you feel like you have no choice but to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders.

“I believe that awareness needs to be raised so that sufferers and their families don’t need to feel so alone.”

The first group session has already been set up to take place on September 14 from 11am-1pm at the Coastal Centre in Victoria Road.

If you would like to donate towards the sponsored tattoo event or for more information regarding the new Marbles group, please call Ryan on 07521 301618.

Alternatively, you can email: