New Political Party Leader for Sutton On Sea

Sutton on Sea First Political Party have voted in a new leader.

After the departure of Andrew Ferryman from Lincolnshire in September and his subsequent resignation from the party and his council positions, the councillors in the party voted unanimously for Steve Palmer to be their new party leader.

Steve Palmer said: “Sutton on Sea First Political Party is made up of Independents who have no political leanings to major political parties but wish to have mutual support of others in the group, however no whip is implemented and each member can vote the way they feel with no pressure from me or anyone else in the group.

“The party has to be registered with the Electoral Commission for the purpose of fighting elections and the officers of the party registered as well”.

Steve Palmer went on to say: “The Electoral Commission have been really helpful in helping us sort out the process to get the changes sorted but it all takes time but I am happy to say it is all sorted out to the Electoral Commissions satisfaction”.

“It is not unusually to have Independents in political groups and I myself have joined the East Lindsey Independent Group on becoming a District Councillor as I promised in my election material.”