New Red Gods horror story is set in Lincolnshire town

Red Gods
Red Gods
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Something terrible has happened in the Lincolnshire town of Fernby Lakes.

All the residents are dead and a crack team of soldiers has been sent in to find out what happened.

Don’t worry though, this is not real life but the plot of a debut horror novel from Louth born author James Finan.

Red Gods has been published by US publisher Vamptasy Press.

James told the Leader: “The novel is set in rural Lincolnshire - albeit in a fictional town - which may be of interest to some local readers, I think.”

In the story Kirk Holt and his four elite mercenaries head into Fernby Lakes.

Snow blizzards assail the entire country and communication links to the outside world go down.

The team encounter streets and suburban houses decorated with corpses and a town ‘leaky between other worlds’.

The ominous tale is told through the use of flashbacks, passages from journals, magazine snippets, 17th Century folk songs and other documents.

James was born in Louth and went to King Edward VI Grammar School. He now lives in Hertford, Hertfordshire.

He said Fernby Lakes is not based on Louth!

One review on Amazon said: “As a debut novel, this is a tour-de-force, much to recommend it. Keep a look out for this author.”

“Strange things have happened at Fernby Lakes for centuries, right in the middle of that most innocent of English counties, Lincolnshire. Who ya gonna call? Not the Ghostbusters. No, you send in a disparate group including a telepath and a foul-mouthed, death-seeking leader who will sacrifice everything, or everybody, provided mission is accomplished.

“Told in flash back style, parts of the story come out piece by piece from as far back as 6000 years ago. There’s graphic horror, near poetic description and a touch of tongue in cheek humour.”