New welcome signs for Louth blasted by town councillor

Newly designed signs which could be placed at the entrances to Louth have been labelled ‘absolute rubbish’ by a town councillor.

Town clerk Linda Blankley presented mock-up images of what seven new signs could look like if Louth Town Council go head with plans.

The signs, which were designed by an outside company, welcomed visitors into the town and included the ‘Britain’s Favourite Market Town’ and ‘2012 East Midlands in Bloom Silver Gilt winner’.

But Coun Andrew Leonard was suitably unimpressed with the designs, which featured either a curved or straight top edge.

“These are absolute rubbish, they smack of mass production and we are a quality town, these do not say quality,” he said.

“Send them back and get them to come up with something with imagination.”

The town clerk revealed that the new signs could cost the taxpayer in the region of £400 each, with a £75 fee to install them.

But Mayor of Louth, Coun Jill Makinson-Sanders, said the cash would be better spent on signs within the town pointing people towards Hubbard’s Hills.

Chair of the debate, Coun Brian Burnett, told the councillors that £1,900 was available in the council’s pot to be spent on information boards within the town.

He admitted that, in the case of the seven welcome signs, ‘we need to get it right’.

Coun Leonard was tasked with doing some research into a better design and will report back soon.