NEWSFLASH: Louth Ambulance Station likely to be closed under new plans

LOUTH’S Ambulance Station looks likely to be closed under new plans by East Midlands Ambulance Service as they bid to improve their performance and response times.

EMAS will work from 131 ‘tactical deployment units’, using 13 main ‘hubs’ including Skegness and Lincoln, with the rest of the stations being closed.

Louth’s station in Windsor Road would therefore be closed under the plans entitled ‘Being the Best’.

EMAS say the majority of ambulance stations are mostly empty ‘all day, every day’ and many are ‘very dated and in poor physical condition’.

‘Urgent care crews’ will also be formed, with new vehicles provided to the teams over the next two years, they would provide transport for patients who need to get to hospital but do not need paramedic treatment.

A consultation period will begin on August 1 and will be discussed at a public board meeting on Monday.

EMAS Chief Executive Phil Milligan said: “Our plans are to deliver better performance which we know is important to patients and staff, and the changes we propose should see our response to immediately life-threatening 999 calls improve by about five per cent which means we will get to more people faster, enabling us to provide better patient care.

“We know that East Midlands residents have been concerned about our response times, we now have a plan to deliver long term, sustainable performance.

“These plans are right for patients and right for our staff.”

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