NFU call to keep Lincolnshire TB free

Livestock farmers are being urged to keep the county TB free by the NFU.

To discuss how this could be achieved, all cattle producers are invited to a meeting on Thursday March 14 at the Epic Centre, Lincolnshire Showground at 7.30pm. It will focus on stopping this disease from devastating cattle farms.

The meeting’s instigator, beef farmer and NFU council delegate, Jonathan Brant, said: “Bovine TB could cause significant financial hardship for all cattle farmers in Lincolnshire if preventative steps are not taken. The aim of this meeting is to discuss these steps and explore what we can do to ensure testing is not increased; movements are not restricted further and ultimately we want to reduce the losses of animals to bovine TB.

“The meeting is open to all cattle keepers, including traders, and auctioneers, vets, advisers and consultants. The message that Lincolnshire must be kept TB Free is crucial and we want everyone with a connection to beef or dairy production to be involved in the meeting.”