Niamh has charity chop for The Little Princess Trust

Niamh Reeson
Niamh Reeson

Not expecting any recognition for her action Niamh Reeson, a Year 12 student at Monks’ Dyke Tennyson College, made the hard decision of having her long dark hair cut off so she could donate it to a cancer charity.

The Little Princess Trust was the grateful recipient of Niamh’s locks which will be made into wigs for children who have lost their own hair through illness.

Elisha, who works in the hairdressing salon Pure Indulgence in Louth, performed the deed which took approximately 45 minutes.

Niamh’s friend Hayley watched in amazement as the long black locks tumbled to the floor and Niamh’s new look emerged.

After the brave haircut, Niamh explained: “It was horrible to see my hair fall to the floor.

“ I have had long hair for many years and now it’s all gone. However, I feel proud to be able to donate it to a worthy cause where it will be put to good use”

Niamh added: “But my new hair style is growing on me.”

Mrs Donnelly, Niamh’s form tutor, reiterated: “This is the kind of selfless act Niamh

would do.

“She is always thinking of others and wanting to help in any way she can, she

expects nothing in return.

“All of us at Monks’ Dyke Tennyson College are all very proud of her.”

Looking at the photographs that the school sent to us, the transformation and the amount of hair that Niamh donated was massive and we think her new style looks fantastic.