No horsing around as fouling along the coast is an ongoing problem

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A cafe owner in Sandilands has been left in a foul mood as a minority of horse owners rode off leaving their horse dung outside the premises.

The Fat Seagull over looks the beach and is a popular place for a quick bite or a cooling drink as the recent warm weather has brought locals and visitors alike flocking back, getting the busy season off to a promising start.

But unfortunately amongst the sun, sea, sand and The Fat Seagull Cafe has an added pile of horse dung throw in.

Owner of the Fat Seagull Catherine Hallsworth explains this ongoing issue.

“Holiday makers have returned after a cold winter, bringing a long awaited boost to our local economy,” she said.

“Ice creams, barefoot children, bike rides, all things related to a great day out at the seaside.

“Oh, and mind your step with the huge pile of steaming, stinking horse dung.

“Now, I fully understand that horses will mess, wherever and whenever they choose, legally riders are under no obligation to pick up mess left by their horses.

“However, a little common courtesy and respect for others would not go amiss.”

“But I must commend the Black Cat Riding School who always clear up their mess.”

An East Lindsey District Council communications officer said: “There is no law covering animal waste left on public highways, unless it is dog-related or as a result of commercial activity.

“The issue of horse waste, or that of donkeys, comes up every summer due to the increasing number of people taking horses out on hacks to enjoy the long summer days.

“Our Street Scene teams are responsible for clearing up horse waste as and when they encounter it as part of their routine duties.”

Mablethorpe Town Council explained this issue was raised last summer, but unfortunately the town council have no authority or power over the activities on the foreshore or beach.

Although councillors do agree that is ‘an anti-social issue as with dog mess’ but are unable to alleviate or rectify the situation.

Do you feel the continuous amounts of horse mess left around the coast is an issue that needs to be dealt with in a more serious manner? Is horse mess being left outside of your business? Email your thoughts to or call 01507 353217.