North Somercotes restaurant loses licence after illegal immigrant discovery


East Lindsey’s Alcohol Licensing Committee has permanently revoked the premises licence of a North Somercotes restaurant and takeaway after discovering that an illegal immigrant was working there as a chef.

A licence review hearing about Zara’s Restaurant and takeaway in Keeling Street was held on Monday June 30, where, following the evidence presented by Lincolnshire Police Alcohol Licensing Department, the decision to permanently revoke the licence was made by the committee.

The licencing review follows a visit on April 29 by officers from the Alcohol Licensing Department, Immigration and HMRC. Acting on intelligence, officers attended and found that a man working as a chef in the kitchen was an illegal immigrant, and was arrested subsequently by the Immigration Officers.

Sgt Kimble Enderby said: “These joint agency operations are all intelligence-led, involving premises where we have received information that persons are being illegally employed at the venue.

“Knowingly employing illegal immigrants is one of the criminal offences that is treated particularly seriously within the Licensing Act 2003.

“Lincolnshire Police Alcohol Licensing is committed to the investigation, detection and prevention of all offences associated with or around licensed premises, as well as ensuring the safety of members of our communities using these venues.

“We would actively encourage persons to come forward with information of this nature, either by contacting the police direct or ringing Crime Stoppers.”

Following the decision to revoke the licence, there will now be a 21 day appeal period. If no appeal is lodged during this time, the premises will no longer be able to make any sales of alcohol whatsoever and cannot serve hot food after 11pm.