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Nordic Walking
Nordic Walking

The column last week was mostly about ‘MANDARIN LEISURE’ but I hope you will forgive me for that. It was important to give you a little background information to help you understand how this column can progress.

I’ll be answering questions here very soon so don’t forget to email, tweet or facebook me. If it’s a walk, run, cycle or dance club or charity event I want to know about it. If you are holding a special event then please give me lots of notice so that I can work the details into this column. Don’t be shy!

Are you new to exercise? Perhaps you are returning after a long rest. Keep reading this column and hopefully one of the clubs or activities featured here will inspire you to become active again.

Rule 1 (from last week). Did you have breakfast every day? Have you been looking at the packaging to make sure you are not eating too much sugar or salt? As a Personal Trainer, nagging is part of my job. I ‘will’ be repeating myself on this subject.

Poached egg & grilled or tinned tomatoes are a fantastic start to the day but don’t add salt. If you have bread the multi-grain variety is best as it is low Gi. Tomato sauce is high in sugar and salt so use it sparingly.

This option should be suitable for vegetarians but vegans might like a vegan wheat or rye bread toasted with mushrooms and tomatoes.

A simple tip if you are trying to lose weight is to use a smaller plate and don’t pile it up with food. Chew 
slowly and try to listen to your body – you will learn to ‘hear’ the signal telling you that 
you are full. Eating fast or 
with other distractions 
can cause you to miss this signal.

Have you heard that you should drink 2 litres of water each day? The reality is that you should ‘consume’ 2 litres of fluid daily.

You can use the water to make tea, coffee and cook. Oranges, melon and milk all count as part of your daily intake of fluid. However, tea and coffee are diuretics so you should limit these to a total of 4 cups a day (two if you like them strong).

How have you managed with your walking? Walking for 30 minutes will help you burn more Calories and improve your muscle tone. As a beginner you might want to break this down into 2 or 3 shorter walks to make your daily total.

We have lots of choices for walks in our area so a trip around the lovely Wolds is surely a top priority. Willingham Woods near Market Rasen is one of my favourites. If you know of some other walks around Horncastle and Louth please contact me so that I can spread the good news.

A fantastic alternative to walking is Nordic Walking

It’s walking with Nordic Walking poles which encourage the exerciser to use muscles in the upper body as well as the legs. The result is up to 40% more Calories burned and up to 90% of the muscles in the body being utilised.

You can try one my Nordic Walking classes on Mondays if you are in the Woodhall Spa area. We meet at the Petwood Hotel at 9.30am.

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