OBITUARY: Alec Baumber

The funeral service for the late Alec Baumber was held at Alford Crematorium on Thursday September 4.

Arrangements were conducted by Lincolnshire Co Operative Funeral Services (Inc V Walker)

The service was conducted by Mr David Reeve and the following mourners attended: Mrs Sandra Plumtree, Sister, (also representing Graham Plumtree – nephew), Mr Ian and Mrs Sharon Plumtree, Nephew, Mr Charlie and Mrs Diane Shepherd, Brother-in-law and sister-in-law, Mr Alan and Mrs Lynda Stones, Cousin, Miss Kayleigh Plumtree, Great niece, Mr Connor Plumtree, Great nephew, Mr Tom Morley, Mrs Grace Baumber, Aunt, Mr Rob Baumber, Cousin, Mr Phil and Mrs Andrea Kay, Niece, Mr and Mrs Hutson, Cousin, Mr Peter and Mrs Jenny Baumber, Cousin, Peggy, Aunt, Dave, Pat, Dan, Sharon, Mr Tony and Mrs Gillian Hirst, Brother and sister-in-law, Susan Endean, Sister-in-law, Mrs Lindsey McIntyre, Niece, Miss Rachel Carr, Sister-in-law.

Other mourners included - Mr Brian and Mrs Sue Fox, (also representing Mr Martin and Mrs Carol Church, Mr Dan and Mrs Lynsey Wakeling,

Mr Kevin and Mrs Lynne Woodthorpe, Mr Barry and Mrs Irene Fox, Mr and Mrs J Luck), Mr Dave Cooper (also representing Mr Neil Tuxworth), Mr Richard and Mrs Sue Langdale, Miss Rachael Clark (also representing Mr Lee Brocklebank, Ms Carol Brocklebank and Mr Dennis Brocklebank), Mr John and Mrs Sheila Grundy (also representing Mr Darren and Mrs Elaine Speed), Miss Debbie Speed, Mrs Alma Robinson (Epton), Mrs Sandra Brompton (Epton), Mr Alan Epton, Mr Mick Bray, Mr Peter Harniess, Mr Stephen Earle, Ms Caroline Scott, Mr Dave and Jayne Frith, Mr Basil and Mrs Penny Parrish, Mr and Mrs Chappell, Mr Neil Sargent, Mr Trevor and Mrs Lita Milburn (also representing Mr Richard and Mrs Lindsay Milburn), Mr Mick and Mrs Lynne Stones, Mr Stephen Marwood, Mr John Marwood, Mr Charles Hill, Mr Graham Hill, Mr Mick Parkinson, Mrs Margaret Adams, Mr John Garbett, Mr and Mrs King (Skegness)(also representing Mr Roger King, Sydney – Australia), Mr Alan King (Spalding), Mr Robert Brooks, Mr Keith and Mrs Wendy Bruntlett, Miss Debbie Royle, Mr Trevor Brown (also representing Colorgrafix), Mr Duncan and Mrs Jenny Brindle (also representing Arran and James Brindle, Jenny Kippax and Peter, Mrs Doreen Stephenson, Mr Paul Broadbent, Miss Melanie Wood, Mr Peter and Mrs Barbara Cross, Mr Roger Symonds, Mr Paul Evans, Mr Rob Maltby (also representing Mrs Lynne Maltby and Ms Mandy Smith), Mrs Kathy Johnson, Mr Peter Ryder, Mr Steve Parkinson, Mr Alan Hill, Mr Graham Smith, Mrs Brenda Turner, Mr Don Briggs (also representing Mrs Barbara Briggs), Mr Brian and Mrs Mandy Gilliatt, Mr John and Mrs Sue Ryden, Mr Derek Drury, Mrs Jackie Subberwall, Mr Robert Heath, Mr Andrew Trevithick, Mr Matt Carpenter, Mr Gary Chance, Mr Alex McCulley, Mr Trevor Moody (also representing the Green Staff, Directors and Members of Louth Golf Club), Mr Neil Chantry, Mr Harry and Mrs Joyce Parkinson (also representing Mrs Eileen Borrill and Mrs Linda Jameson), Mr B Hill, Mr Charlie Parker, Mr Hans Mitchell, Mr Mike Long (also representing Mr Stephen and Mrs Sara Long), Mr Nigel Drew (also representing Mrs Yvonne Drew), Mrs Chrissie Moss, Mrs Kate Verth, Mr Mike and Mrs Chris Nash-De-Villiers, Mr Martin Nash-De-Villiers, Mr Les and Mrs Rita Patchett, Mr Sharon McAnea, Mr and Mrs G Stephenson, Mr John Walker (also representing Sheila)

Smiler, Mr Adrian Thornley, Mr Doug and Mrs Shirley Webb (also representing Mr Lee Webb), Mrs Tracey Webb (also representing Mr Martin Webb), Mr Keith Dunham (also representing Mr Mike Parrish), Mr John Brown, Mr Dennis and Mrs Jackie Brocklebank (also representing Paul and Mark Brocklebank), Mrs Christine Hufton, Mr Matt James, Mr and Mrs Reed, Mr Steve Rose, Miss Rebecca Carr, Miss Heather Porter, Mr John and Mrs Eileen Bowers, Mr Phil and Mrs Vikki Stones, The Mardon Family, The Smith Family, Mr Peter Beeton (also representing The Beeton Family and Mr John Scott), Mrs Karen Hutson, Sandra and Eric, Mr John and Mrs Linda Taylor, Mr Luke Taylor, Ms Susan Taylor, Mr Ben Taylor, Miss Gemma Deeley, Mr Barry and Mrs Anne Cooney, Mr Pete and Mrs Gill Tindall (also representing Mr Bob and Mrs Joyce Richardson), Mr Malcolm Shepherd, Mrs Shirley Burton, Mr John and Mrs Sue Morgan, Mr Roger Lyons, Gee Turner, Mrs Anne Law (also representing Mr Colin Law, Mr Malcolm Howland, Mr Mark Yates, Mr Colin Webb), Mr Fred and Mrs Jill Shepherd, Mr Kevin Dring, Mrs Janet Middlebrough (also representing Steve), Mr Martin and Mrs Jane Chapman, Mr Dave Anderson, Miss Samantha Brannick, Mr Chris Leeworthy, Mr Richard Thorne, Mrs Kerry Stanfield (also representing Mr Shaun Stanfield), Ms Christine Bannister, Mr James Bannister, Miss Natalie Daniel, Mr Mike Siddle (also representing Mrs Jayne Bowers-Siddle, Mr Richard and Mrs Michelle Busby), Mr Rob Warwood, Mr Tak and Janine Lau, Mr Richard and Mrs Christine Marsh, Mr Paul and Mrs Liz Bett, Mr Martin Green, Mr Buck Mison (also representing The Mison Family), Ms Brenda Haydn Morris, Mr Richard Whiteman, Mr Martin Wilson, Mr Peter Whitworth, Mr Marcus Foster, Mr Geoffrey and Mrs Maxine Baldock(also representing Mr Peter Boast), Miss Jasmine Borrill, Ms Angela Barker, Mr Robin Devirill, Mr Rob and Mrs Susan McElnea, Mr Steve Sharpe, Mr Matthew Sharpe, Mr Tony Preswood, Peter and Susan (also representing Stevenson’s Fruit Shop), Mr David Rhodes (also representing G Harniess Louth Ltd), Mr Allan and Mrs Janice Wilson, Mr Simon and Mrs Carol Clowes (also representing Sam Clowes), Mr Ron Larder (also representing Trish), Mr Geoff Stern.