OBITUARY: Beatrice Grantham (Beatie)

Beatrice was born in South Somercotes on November 19 1916 and spent her childhood in the village attending the village school until the age of 14 years.

On leaving school Beatie went into domestic service, eventually being promoted to housekeeper. She was always very proud of the work she had done.

Beatie was a devoted Methodist. In her younger days she taught in Sunday school and would occasionally take a service if a preacher was unavailable. Later in life she also became a regular member of the congregation at St Mary’s Church, North Somercotes, helping at numerous fundraising events for both chapel and church. Her life centered around her Christian faith.

Beatie’s hobbies were mainly gardening and knitting (until her eyesight began to fail). Over the years she must have knitted hundreds of squares to be made into blankets for charity.

Beatrice (Auntie Beat) loved by all her nephews, nieces, great nephews and nieces, great great nephews and nieces and great great great nephews and nieces. Always remaining young at heart throughout her long and busy life.

Listing of the congregation at the funeral service of the late Beatrice Grantham held at St Peter’s Church, South Somercotes on Tuesday December 16 2014.

Arrangements conducted by Lincolnshire Co-operative Funeral Services.

The service was conducted by Reverend Keith Tomlin and the following mourners attended:

Family mourners: Mrs Barbara Bishell, Niece (also representing Mr Ron Bishell & Mrs Sybil Wilson), Mrs Sheila Brumpton, Niece (also representing Mr Arnold Brumpton), Mr Victor and Mrs Wendy White, Nephew and wife, Mrs Ann White (also representing Mr Fred White), Mr Harold Adams and Mr Colin Adams, Mrs Helen Worrell, Mrs Tricia Milson, Great nieces, Mrs Mandy Lovley and Mrs Penny Parrish, Mr Stephen and Mrs Anna Bishell, Great nephew and wife (also representing Sophia), Miss Emily Bishell and Mr Stephen Brooks, Great niece (also representing Miss Lucy Brooks), Mr Christopher Bishell, Great nephew (also representing Mrs Karen Bishell, Louis and Jake), Mr Christopher and Mr Shaun Ashmore (also representing Mrs Cathy Ashmore and Mary), Miss Rebekah Worrell (also representing Mr Duncan Worrell and Bethany).

Other mourners: Miss Cynthia Wray (also representing Jonathan, Jane and Jamie), Mr Gordon Wray, Mrs Christine Wells (also representing Mr Alan Wells), Mr Alan King, Mrs Joyce Pratt, Mrs Joyce Blades (also representing The Women’s Fellowship), Mr John Kennedy, Mrs Linda Rose-King, Reverend David Newlove (also representing Louth and District Methodist Church), Mrs Betty Wilson (also representing Mr John Wilson), Mrs Susan Colebrook, Mrs George Chatterton, Dr Lesley Clayton, Mrs Elaine Gains (also representing The Gains Family), Mr John and Mrs Maggie Elliot, Mr Roland and Mrs Ann Plaskatt (also representing Communication Booklet), Mrs Sheila Warsap (also representing Saltfleet Methodist Church) Mr Mike Adams (also representing The Adams Family), Mrs Joan Hewson, Mrs Marjorie Borman, Mrs Mavis Fowler, Mr Pat Beesley, Mrs Sarah Pennell (also representing Mr Steven Pennell), Miss Catherine Pennell, Mrs Pauline Stones (also representing Andy and Family), Mrs Dorothy Patmore (also representing Mr Bert Patmore),Mrs Sarah Stepney (also representing Mrs Rowena Benton, Mrs Margaret Thompson (North Somercotes Meals on Wheels Service), Mr Ralph Benton, Mrs Ann Cizek, Mrs Carol Plummer, Mr Cecil and Mrs Barbara Jacklin, Mr Ken Hewson (also representing G Carr and W Stubbs and Co), Mrs P Hewson (also representing Marsh Ladies Christian Fellowship and Ms Ruth Sutton), Mr John Silvester (also representing Grainthorpe Chapel), Mr Nigel Seamer, Mr Philip Elliot, Mrs May Harness, Mr John Harness, Mr Barry and Mrs Irene Fox, Mr Roger and Mrs Alice Maidens, Mrs Margaret Davies (also representing Mrs Madge Jacklin), Mrs Wendy Baker (also representing Ian the Postman), Mrs Mavis Stubbs, Mrs Pam Elliot, Mrs Norma Whitby (friend from Chapel), Mr Brian Donner (also representing Mrs Kath Donner), Mr and Mrs Harry (also representing Mrs Addison), Mrs Shirley Morton (also representing Mrs Jenny Fogarty & John and Mrs Sue Gray), Mr Clifford Osbourne.

Unable to attend, but also wishing to be represented were: Mrs Sheila Moody, John and Sally, Mrs Liz Hiscock (also representing North Somercotes Over 60s Club), Mrs Madge Holden