OBITUARY: Brenda Muriel Green

Brenda M Green EMN-140705-152150001
Brenda M Green EMN-140705-152150001

One of Legbourne’s well known residents of more than 48 years, Mrs Brenda Muriel Green, 72, passed away peacefully on February 19th at St Barnabas Hospice Lincoln after a short illness bravely borne.

Brenda was born and raised at Bar Bridge Farm, Stickney, on October 4 1941.

She attended school in the village leaving at the age of 15 years to embark on two years pre-nursing training at Alford.

Brenda came to Louth County Hospital around 1957/58, this is the time Anthony came on the scene, they became engaged on Brenda’s 21st birthday.

Brenda qualified as a SEN in November 1963, she then went to work at Crowtree Lane Hospital until marrying Anthony in September 1965, setting up home in Legbourne.

With the births of Vanessa in 1966 and Christopher in 1969 Brenda’s home and family life became more of a focus for her.

Over the years Brenda worked in care homes and had cleaning jobs, she was booking clerk for the old village hall and then community centre, a member of the WI, for who she played darts at one time, she also played fives and threes dominoes for the Louth Hospital B team, winning the Blind Association cup in 2000.

Brenda also supported All Saints Church in various ways, she loved cricket and supported Legbourne CC over the years. She enjoyed the annual Scarborough holiday which was organized to coincide with the cricket festival.

In recent years Brenda enjoyed TV, reading and the garden and being nana or grandma to Alex, Amy and Natalie, reflecting her sense of being happy in her family and own company, attending her sister in laws 60th birthday celebrations at the end of October 2013 before her illness, which was diagnosed towards the end of November which finally overcame her.

She leaves, husband Anthony, daughter Vanessa and son Christopher.

The funeral service was held on Monday March 3 at All Saints Church, Legbourne

Funeral arrangements were by Lincolnshire Co-operative Funeral Services (inc. V. Walker Funeral Services)

The service was conducted by Reverend Lorraine Turnerand the following family mourners attended: Anthony, husband, Vanessa and Bulent, daughter and son in law, Christopher and Fiona, son and partner, partner’s sons Josh and Ryan, Jacqueline and Malcolm, sister in law and brother in law, Helen, sister in law, Amy and Natalie, granddaughters, Alex Basyigit, grandson, Suzanne Ianson, niece, Mr & Mrs Sandra and Stuart Jackson, Sister and brother in law, Mr Stephen Houlden, Brother, Mrs Betty Allen, Aunt, Mrs Eileen Henton, Aunt, Mrs Blanche Winn, Aunt, Mrs Sam Cooper, Niece, Mr & Mrs Beryl and Ray Clark, Cousin and husband, Mr & Mrs Alan and Carol Clark, Mr & Mrs Graham and Maria Henton, Cousin and wife, Mrs Susan Roberts, Cousin (also rep Mr & Mrs Sheila Wright, cousin and Jill Wright, cousin), Mrs Vicki Cooper (also rep John Cooper), Cousin and husband, Auntie Margaret (also rep Mr & Mrs Ian and Margaret Hallgarth, Cousin and wife), Mr & Mrs Pete and Brenda Foster, Cousin, Mr & Mrs Alan and Margaret Bothamley, Cousin, Mr & Mrs Patricia and Malcolm Ward, Cousin, Mr & Mrs Marie and Robert Ford, Cousin, Miss Sarah Clark, Cousin, Mr & Mrs Val and Dick Lingard, Cousin, Mrs Pam Harding, Cousin, (also rep Anne and Robert Hickson, America, Cousin).

Other mourners: Mr & Mrs Alan and Patricia Brumpton, Mrs Liz Marshall, Mrs Margaret Fenwick (also rep Karen Partridge), Mrs Val Osborne, Mr & Mrs Albert and Mavis Maw (also rep Mrs Jean Morgan), Mrs Diane Mogford (also rep the Friendship Club), Mrs Jean Heys (also rep Mrs Linda Kirk), Mr & Mrs Gerald and Christine Johnson, Mr & Mrs Eric and Lilian Hughes, Mr & Mrs Judy and Andrew Smith, Mr & Mrs Chris Moss, Mr Neville Loveley, Mrs Beth Collins (also rep Legbourne Parish Council), Mrs Dot Jones (also rep Chris Jones), Mrs Trish Grantham, Kate Feneley (also rep John and James), Mr Fred Desforges (also rep Margaret Desforges), Mr & Mrs Pat and Brian Castle, Mrs Margaret Cole, Mrs Ann Brown (also rep Kevin Brown), Mr & Mrs Stephen and Janice Moon (also rep Simon and Linda Pocklington), Mrs Ella Osborne, Mr & Mrs Alan and Jill Clarey (also rep Gwen Clarey), Mr & Mrs Steven and Sabrice Ward, Mrs Deborah Laughton, Mrs Kathleen McAllister (nee Osborne),(also rep Mrs Susan Van Heesbeen)

Mrs Margaret Smith (also rep Maurice Smith), Mr & Mrs John and Jane Dickinson, Chris Heard, Mrs Sheila Johnson, Miss Lyn Andrews, Mr Douglas Ward, Mrs Pat Morton (also rep John Morton), Dorothy Coffey, Mr Patrick King (also rep Hilary King and Legbourne Cricket Club), Mrs Jean Appleby, Mrs Penny Coleman (also rep David Coleman), Mr & Mrs Pete and Freda Brockleby, Mrs Jean Brown, Mrs Joyce Maw, Mrs Ann Parrinder, Mr & Mrs Jonn and Karen Smith, Miss Sarah Jane Wherry (also rep the late Cliff and Freda), Mr & Mrs Mick and Grace Willoughby, Mr & Mrs Peter and Annemarie Walsh, Mr & Mrs Edith and Malcolm Jones (also rep Legbourne and Cawthorpe W.I.), Mr & Mrs Mick and Vivienne Booth, Mr & Mrs Jean and Brian Cooper (also rep Dawn and Gordon Brooks), Mr Mel Chapman (also rep Ruth Chapman), Miss Pauline Collins, Mrs Michelle Holmes, Philip and Polly Sturman, David and Yvone Fenwick, Rosemary Huke, Margaret Tinkler, Keith and Sue Hemmingway, Cecily Davy, Daphne Rogers.