OBITUARY: Christina Mellows

Christina Mellows passed away peacefully at home aged 93 in Legbourne, just 75-yards from the house where she was born.

Daughter of John and Lilian Sykes, she was educated at King Edwards Grammar School, Louth, and went on to teach at Holton Le Clay, Withern and Eastfield Road Junior Schools before bringing up her family with husband Ray, with whom she was married for 58-years.

The service was conducted by Reverend Christine Hawkins and held at All Saints Church, Legbourne, on Monday February 16, 2015. Arrangements were conducted by Lincolnshire Co-operative Funeral Services.

Family mourners – David and Roz Mellows – son and daughter-in-law, John Mellows – son, Nick Mellows – son, Christopher Mellows and Alice Radwell – grandson and partner, Andrew Mellows – grandson, Louise Mellows – grandaughter, Marjorie Woodard – sister-in-law, John and Maureen Wilson – brother-in-law and sister-in-law, Steven and Sandy Waller – nephew and wife, Robert and Alison Waller – nephew and wife (also representing Iris Waller – sister).

Other mourners: Mrs Patricia Hall (also representing The Cooper Family and The Hall Family), Miss Dorothy Coffey (also representing Mrs Jean Appleby), Mr Mick and Mrs Grace Willoughby, Mrs Hilda Bosworth, Ms Jennifer Burnett (also representing her brothers: Michael and Martin), Ms Lyn Andrews, Mrs Liz Hilton (also representing Mr Geoff Hilton), Mrs Hilary King, Mrs Debbie Goulsbra, Mr John and Mrs Kate Feneley, Mr Albert and Mrs Mavis Maw, Mr Gerald and Mrs Christine Johnson, Mrs Jennifer Watkins (also representing Brian) Mrs Moira Mellows, Mr Kevin Adlard, Mrs Betty Allen, Mrs Jackie Clarke, Mrs Ella Osborne, Mr Len and Mrs Kathleen McAllister (nee Osborne) (also representing Susan), Mr and Mrs Wilkinson, Mr John Green, Mr Brian and Mrs Jean Cooper, Mr and Mrs Thacker, Miss Cecily Davy, Mrs Marjorie Dring, Miss Lyndsey Banks, Mrs Amanda Jones, Mrs Faulds, Mrs Edith Jones (also representing Legbourne and Little Cawthorpe Women’s Institute), Miss Nicole Golphin (Carer), Mrs Anne-Marie Law (Carer), Ms Liz Brown (Carer), Mrs Elaine Drewery (also representing Hedgehog Care), Mrs Stacey Batham (also representing Hedgehog Care)