OBITUARY: David James Williams

The funeral service for the late David James Williams, aged 79 years, was held on Thursday July 24 2014 at St James’ Louth. The service was conducted by Reverend Ian Partridge and the following mourners attended:

Family Mourners: Margaret Williams; Colonel Stuart and Marina Williams; Philip and Caroline Williams (also rep Betsy and Hugo Williams); Simon Williams (also rep Mrs Joni Williams, and Charlie and Ava Williams); Archie Williams; Ellie Williams; Mike Lee; Gins Hughes; Lucy Bell, mother in law; Janet Turner, cousin (also rep Richard and Jill Jenney); John Taylor (also rep Mrs Mabel Taylor and Mrs Peg Taylor).

Other Mourners: Jean Bee; Shirley Burton (also rep Gill Dale); Yvonne Watson; Shirley Barker; Saras Moloney (also rep Patrick Moloney); Shirley Strickland; Roy and June Barker; Jane Pocklington (also rep Mark); Christopher Ralph; Arthur Farrow (also rep Kathleen Johnson); Chris Bunker (rep Louth Indoor Bowls); Paul Weber (rep Bridge Club, Golf Club and Brown Cow); Maurice Blakey; Clive James (rep Kenwick Park Members); John Moody; George Elliot; Trevor Smith (also rep Karen Smith); Janet Humberstone; John and Val Pettit; Jack and Barbara Sykes; Anne Siddles; Stuart Jameson (also rep Nigel, Victoria, Rupert and Tommy Hooper, Brown Cow); Basil Dixon; Charlie Hickman; John King; Peter and Lynda Carling (also re Jim and Jenny Cutts, Jan Heath and Eileen Ballard); Roy Barker (also rep Brian and Patsy Clark, Phil and Anne Byrne, David and Bev Bryant); Carol Henderson (also rep Ken and Jean Patience, Brian and Brenda Batchelor, Audrey Hudson); Clive Henderson; John and Connie Lomas (also rep Chris Barnes, Sam and Kate Hicks, Eric and Val Pigdon, Normand and Mary Abell, Andy and Den Smart, Andrew Leonard, Town Mayor); Michael Chevins, secretary of the Rotary Club of Louth (also rep John and Pauline MacDonald, president of the Rotary Club of Louth and Arthur and Anne Platts, past president); Mike and Carol Jaines (also rep Allan and Carole Blundell); Jon Aspinwall (also rep Jenny Aspinwall); Alan Moorcroft (also rep Marion); David Schafer; Tom Taylor; Malcolm and Sheila Green; Jill Mackett; Chris Goldsbrough; Val Pattinson; Ron Irwin (also rep Andrew Sherratt and Brian Hendley); Wendy Green (also rep M and A Walker); Julie Henry (also rep Alistair); David Gelsthorpe; Ron and Barbara King; Roy Done; Douglas Gordon; David Thurston (also rep Brian Thaster); Lee Fisher (rep Kenwick Park Seniors); Valerie Jones (Louth Branch Parkinson’s UK); Ben and Hazel Fawcett; Phil Day; Brian Wood (also rep Chris Wood); Malcolm Neal (also rep Pat Neal); Ken and Margaret James; Charles Baron; James Laverack (also rep Laverack Family and John Taylors); David Sandwith; Ian and Wendy Stuart; Paddy and Liz McFarland; Peter Rogers; Jeremy and Janice Hexton; Bernard Snook (rep Salvation Army and Rotary Club); Andrew and Linda Dickinson (also rep Roy Calvort); Guy Shufflebotham (also rep Sarah); Daniel Jons (also rep Katie); Jim Randall (also rep Anne); Jon Denton; Jeanne Drakes; Doris Carter; Barbara Norton; Teresa Doe; Ian Oliver; Adam Dickenson; Darren Grant; Tom Jemmett; James Mitchell; James Clarke; Paul Blackbourn; Lee Sizer; Henry Clarke; Mark and Victoria Scott (also rep John Crawford); Michael Loveday; Adam Cummings; Lesley Walmsley (also rep Philip); Martin and Jean Sizer; Ken Watkinson (also rep David Stanbridge); Gus Robertson (also rep Tuff Robertson); John and Margaret Nielson; William Cattell (also rep Susan Cattell); Reg Gooseman; Wendy Fawcett; Juliet Fawcett, goddaughter; Peter Cowen; Adele Hooper; Alec Musson; Daniel Crown; Michael Lewis; Eric and Margaret Sharp; Richard Paydon; Emma Smith (also rep Richard Smith); George Blyth; William and Helen Fry; Simon Beeton; Shane Hodgson; Paul and Sharman Haigh; Michael Armstrong (also rep Lesley Gardner, Terry West, Louth Lions and Get Away Club); Ann Evans and Deborah Fell (also rep Kathy Johnson); David Fawcett; Keith and Liz Barker; Kate Roberts; Michael Toothill; Pip and Jean Mounfield; Sara Hickman; Gill Turner (also rep Don Miles); John and Sue Davies; John Holmes (bowling club); Graham Metcalf (Rotary Club); Janet Welch; Bill Radcliffe; Lesley Swift (Chairwoman of Louth Parkinson’s UK); David and Helen Pidgen; Simon and Liz Brook (also rep Bob Potter); Robert and Mary Haynes; Phil Fieldsend (also rep Sue); Stuart and Alma Grant; John Barker (also rep Grace Barker and Pam Ledger); Patricia Williams, (rep David and Trusties of Ayscough Trust); Phil Rothwell; Fred Weir; Sid and Denise Plowman; Jean Marwood (also rep Paul and Rob); Shirley Wood (also rep James and Caroline); Audrey Addison; Shirley Harness (also rep Anita Namund); Ronald Bontoft; Audrey Gardner (also rep Gardner Family); Garry and Rebecca Spencer (also rep Gail Bourne); Jim and Shirley Palmer (also rep Susan and Janet); David and Rita Smith (also rep Michael and Jonathan); Geoff Barker (also rep Olga); Michael and Valerie Nesbitt; Pat and Christian Hagan; Mary Oxley; Stephen Furness (also rep Val); Ian and Mary Flockton (also rep Tony Wren); Garry Skill; Eric Pigdon (also rep Val); Marjorie Barnes (Parkinson’s UK); Barbara Vickers (rep ladies of Louth Golf Club); John Vickers; Georgina (nurse rep Libertas); Zubair Ahmed (bridge club); Stuart Shucksmith; Isobel Jemmett; Stephen Clarke (also rep Nicola); Ken and Vicky Leighton (also rep Marjorie Murphy); Peter Gray (also rep Glenys); Keith West (also rep Linda); Nick West (also rep Barry Hanson); Terry and Anna Hooper; Dominic Duffy (also rep Brian); David and Sue Pick (also rep Jon and Sally Goodwin, Rod and Janet Brown); Giles and Ynske Fawcett; Patrick Purves; Tony Leatherbarrow.

Funeral arrangements were by Kettle Funeral Directors, Louth.