OBITUARY: David Plaskitt

Listing of the congregation at the funeral service of the late David Plaskitt held at St Mary’s Church, North Somercotes on Thursday November 20 2014.

Arrangements conducted by Lincolnshire Co-operative Funeral Services. The service was conducted by Reverend Chris Turner and the following mourners attended:

Family; Mrs Alexandra Plaskitt, Wife, Mrs Laura Bestwick, Daughter, Mr Richard Bestwick, Son-in-law, Master Jacob Bestwick, Grandson, Mrs Maisie Nesbitt, Mother-in-law, Miss Shirley Ward, Aunt, Mr Owen Plaskitt, Brother, Mrs Janice Plaskitt, Sister in law, Mr Graham Plaskitt, Nephew, Miss Andrea Plaskitt and Harry Harrison, Niece and partner, Scott Oddie, Great Nephew, Mr Chris and Mrs Rosemary Anderson, Sister (also representing Karen, James, Hayley and Sally Anderson).

Other mourners: Mr Anthony Harvey, Mrs Elaine Overton, Mr Ray and Mrs Maureen Bestwick, Mrs Katie Nicholson, Mrs Kath Ward, Mr Geoff and Mrs Mabel Hudson, Mrs Christine Emmerson (also representing The Hallam Family), Mr Brian Asquith, Mr Viv Peterson (also representing Mr Geoff Ford), Mrs Sharon Sweales (also representing Mothercare), Mr Malcolm and Mrs June Portus (also representing Emma), Mr Roger and Mrs Alice Maidens (also representing Mr George Baldock and Mrs Sheila Beaumont), Mrs Denise Stephenson, (also representing Mr Martin Stephenson) Mrs Joanne Carter, Mrs Yvonne Addison (also representing The Marsh Family), Mrs Shirley Cadey (also representing Mr Richard and Mrs Gaelle Cadey and Mrs Brenda Stiff), Mrs Melanie Cadey (also representing Mr Jonathan Cadey), Mr Steve and Mrs Val Cutting (also representing Mrs Anna Wilson), Mrs Lorraine Dowlman, Mr Derek and Mrs Sue Gott, Mrs Susan Mather, Mrs Debbie Henderson, Mrs Debra Thomas, Mr Robin and Mrs Lynne Murdy (also representing Nicola Milson and family), Mrs Sally Dowse (also representing Mr Simon Dowse), Mr Brian Donner (also representing Mrs K Donner), Mr Norman and Mrs Jean Cawkwell, Mrs Shirley Smallwood (also representing Mr Paul Smallwood and Miss Katie Grantham), Mr Peter Pulford, Mr Andrew and Mrs Sharon Dulieu, Mr Howard and Mrs Linda Libell, Mr Robin and Mrs Lyn Paxman, Mrs Kerry Stabler, Mr Martin and Mrs Jean Sizer, Mr Dave Ryan (work colleague from The Telegraph), Mr John Peacock(also representing his father Mr George Peacock), Mr Derek Bishell, Mr Barry Bishell, Mrs Ann Maddinson