OBITUARY: Deborah Espin

The death of Deborah Espin was received with great sadness by all of her family and friends in Louth where she spent all of her life.

Deborah passed away at Lincoln Hospital on the February 18 2014 after fighting a 12-year battle with cancer leaving us at the very young age of 48.

Deborah was born on Sunday March 28 1965 at Crow Tree Lane Hospital Louth. She attended Kidgate Nursery School, followed by Kidgate Junior and later Cordeaux High School.

It was later in the summer of that year 1982 that she met Derek. They fell in love, later married and stayed together for the rest of her life.

Deborah and Derek had two children, Cheryl and Darren, one grandson Adam and was eagerly looking forward to the arrival of Cheryl’s second child due to be born in June. As their children grew older Derek set up business in Fire Security and Cleaning Services of which Deborah was the Company Secretary. She later went into partnership with Derek and they worked along side each other.

Her battle with cancer started twelve years ago and then returned in 2012, this time in her spine. She fought two separate major spinal pioneering surgeries at Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham. Afterwards received radiotherapy and chemotherapy. She surprised everybody, medical, surgical staff and all of her carers by the way she recovered and by her determination to walk again, which she remarkably succeeded in, even if she could manage only a few step with assistance.

Deborah spent several weeks of recovery time at St. Barnabas Hospice, Lincoln which she likened to a five star hotel after her long stay in hospitals. She also received excellent respite care at St. Andrew’s Hospice, Grimsby. Sadly she passed away at Lincoln County Hospital of pneumonia and cancer complications at the very young age of 48.

Deborah was a kind, generous and caring person. She was brave, determined and courageous. An inspiration to everyone who knew or came into contact with her.

She will be sadly missed by us all.

Deborah’s funeral took place at St Michaels Church on March 5 with Rev. Lorraine officiating, followed by her burial at Louth Cemetery. Donations were made to St. Barnabas Lincolnshire Hospice and St. Andrews Hospice raising over £300 between both of the charities. Funeral Directors were the Co-operative Funeral Services, Louth.

Family Mourners: Mr D J Espin (husband); Miss C Espin (daughter); Mr D M Espin (son); Master A Espin (grandson); Mrs S Jones & Mr G Jones (sister & brother-in-law); Mrs L Temperton & Mr J Temperton (sister & brother-in-law); Mr B Frow (father); Mrs P Thornton (sister-in-law); Mrs J Robertshaw (step daughter). Mr M Jones & Miss J Pine (nephew & partner); Mr B Jones (nephew); Master J Temperton (nephew); Miss L Jones (niece); Mrs N Cording (aunt); Mr M & Mrs J Brown (uncle & aunt); Mrs Edna Archer (great aunt); Mrs J Archer (cousin); Mr J & Mrs K Avison (aunt); Mr D & Mrs S Webb (uncle & aunt); Mr T Espin (nephew) also representing Miss B Campion; Mrs J Makinson-Sanders (Niece) also representing Mrs J Cash & family; Mrs A Young (niece); Mr H & Mrs H Bramall (niece & husband); Mr G Espin (nephew); Mrs J Turner (niece) also representing Mrs S Sands & family); Mrs G Espin (nephew); Mrs Jenny Otto (niece); Miss L Bramall (great niece); Miss L Bramall (great niece); Mrs E Stead (great niece) also representing Mr P & Mrs I Espin (nephew & wife); Ms Amanda Suckling (cousin); Mrs Nicola Turner (cousin); Mr S Minister (cousin); Mrs J Broughton (cousin); Mrs K Coddington (cousin) also representing her family; Mr D Coddington (second cousin); Mrs R Sowter (cousin) also representing Mr C and S Sowter (second cousins); Miss P Sawter (second cousin); Mr T Espin (cousin); Miss B Livingston (great niece); Mr B & Mrs C Miller (cousin & husband); Ms S Porter (cousin); Mrs T Campbell (cousin); Mr H Brown (cousin) also representing Mr M Watts; Mr L Webb (cousin) also representing Mr M & Mrs T Webb (cousin & wife).

Other Mourners: Mrs F Hoyle; Mr A Stebbings also representing Karen, Mary, Mrs Madge Casswell and Mr J & Mrs Y Casswell; Mr S & Mrs K Craig; Miss H Clayton; Mr G & Mrs D Pridgeon; Mr G & Mrs V Rudd; Mr B & Mrs P Smith; Mr L Elwood; Mrs L Baumber, Mrs H Spring & Mr N Snookes also representing all at Bargain Buys; Miss D Charlton; Mr M Riggall; Miss K Bowden; Miss J Wherry; Miss M Coddington; Miss S Baxter; Mrs S Cartwright; Mr B Hillaby; Mr N & Mrs V Warrilow; Mr A & Mrs W Perry; Miss P Leyland; Miss S Harris; Mrs M Johnson; Miss A Lill; Miss V Lill; Mr S & Mrs C Vickers also representing Mr P White (Raleigh) and Mrs R White, and Mr T & Mrs S Mills); Mr M Nicholas also represnting D.S.Smith; Mr P Harneiss and Mr M Mumby also representing D.S.Smith Converters; Miss S Hynes also representing Sylvia Hynes; Mr R Reed; Mr S & Mrs D Dawson; Mr N & Mrs S Mawby; Mr R Mawer.