OBITUARY: Dorothy Eileen Trafford

Dorothy Trafford EMN-150118-210400001
Dorothy Trafford EMN-150118-210400001

The funeral service for the late Dorothy Eileen Trafford, aged 82 years, was held on Thursday January 8, 2015, at St Adelwold’s Church, Alvingham.

The service was conducted by Reverend Lorraine Turner and the following mourners attended.

Family mourners: Peter and Hilary Trafford (son and daughter in law); Nigel and Jill Trafford (son and daughter in law); Anthony Trafford and Sue Southwood (son and son’s partner); Andrew Trafford and Emma Taylor (son and son’s partner); Matthew Trafford (grandson); Rebecca Trafford and Stephen Kirkby (granddaughter and granddaughter’s partner); Jason Trafford and Claire Smith (grandson and grandson’s partner); Reece and Ben Southwood (sons’ of Sue Southwood); Ken and Joyce Dannat, brother in law and sister; Ian and Paula Dannat, nephew and niece; Bryan Streets, brother; Donald Streets, brother; Paul and Angela Wherry niece (also rep John Laking and Brenda Fiddling); Brett Wherry and Megan Betony nephew; Craig Wherry great nephew; Carolyn Shaw cousin (also rep Robert Shaw and Shaw family). Other Mourners: Anne Stratton, (rep North Cockerington Primary School); Mary Smith; Janet Hurst; Rachael Shucksmith; Jean Shucksmith (also rep Sandy Loveday); John Pridgeon; Alan Bowers; Michelle West (also rep Stuart Vickers); Gail Brocklebank (also rep Mark Brocklebank); Mick Bray; Paula Brocklebank; Derrick West; Val Hand (also rep Trevor and Hand family); Terry and Mavis Dawson; Carol Caunter; David Shucksmith ( also rep Philip and Molly Shucksmith); Judy Clarke (also rep Ray Clarke); D C Jeffery (also rep Ernest Ray Jefferey); Steve Savage; John and Doreen Bushell; Mary Stainton; Roger Chapman (also rep Stephanie); Lesley Ward (also rep David Ward); Dick and Jenny Parker (also rep Mick and Nora Stenner); Derek and Barbara Hand; D and A Field; Raymond and Angela Graves; Judith Cooney-Stiff (also rep John Bett); Jeff and Joyce Hand; Victoria Stratford (also rep Jacquelyn Stratford Park, Annie Wells and Alice Stratford); Eddie Dunkin; Steve Dunkin; Chris Dunkin; Steph Tenby; Garry and Jeanette Skill (also rep Ann Davis); Stuart Shucksmith; Diane Robinson (also rep Paul); J Pridgeon (also rep PJ Weavers and B Thanthorpe); Lisa Westcott; Christopher and Anita Nutton; Judie Wilkinson (also rep Celia Bourne); John and Liz Morris; Jane Babb.

Funeral arrangements were by Kettle Funeral Directors, Louth