OBITUARY: Elizabeth Jean Wood

The funeral service for the late Elizabeth Jean Wood 84 years was held on Friday November 28 at St Michael’s Louth.

The service was conducted by and the following mourners attended.

Family Mourners: Martin Wood son; Toni Watson; Amanda Wood granddaughter; Martin and Sandra Taylor son in law and daughter; Kate Taylor granddaughter; Amy Taylor granddaughter; Tom Stocks; Jody Leverton; Andrew Farrow; Jim amd Elaina Waumsley brother and sister in law; Trevor and Maureen Sharples brother in law and sister; Michael and Marny Waumsley brother and sister in law (also Tina and Trish nieces and Michael and Nick nephews); Ernie and Pat Waumsley brother and sister in law; Peter Chapman and Shirley Crew sister and partner;Jane Waumsley sister; Stuart and Margaret Waumsley cousin; Shaun and Cheryl Twigg niece; Dan Twigg great nephew; Andrew Waumsley and Emma Chambers nephew; C J Liles great niece; Tracy Liles niece; Keith and Mandy Barron niece Suzy Bowen niece

Paul Bowen niece; Alan and Jennifer Shaw niece; Ken Hicken and Sadie Wood niece; Jamie and Tracy Waumsley nephew.

Other Mourners: George Vickers; Nigel Speed; Sheila Willietts; Pam Waumsley (also rep Waumsley family and Joyce Lambert); Jean Patchett; Keith and Miriam Lee (also rep Karen and Office Staff at Elizabeth Court); Sue Clark (also rep Geoff Head and Head family); Peter Babiczuk (also rep Mick Webber and Donna Koss); Debbie Storr (rep Wolds Café); Kevin Brown (also rep Ann Brown); Sheila Jacklin (also rep Vince Jacklin); Josie Corker; Tim and Sue Atkinson; Trev and Linda Morris; David and Shirley Cummings; Valerie Wrisdale; Haydn Robinson; Heidi Dixon; Beryl and Angela Jesney; Dorothy Taylor (also rep John Taylor); Sylvia Jaines; Martin Tubb (rep Seymour and Castle); Chris North. Doreen Stephenson.Funeral arrangements were by Kettle Funeral Directors Louth.