OBITUARY: George Milson

George Milson
George Milson

The funeral service for the late George Milson, aged 70 years, was held on Friday 7th February 2014 at St Michaels Church Louth. The service was conducted by Reverend Sue Allison and the following mourners attended:

Family Mourners

Kathleen Milson, Wife; Sonia and Steve Newton, Daughter and Son-in-law also representing Jake Newton, Grandson; Ian and Helen Milson, Son and Daughter-in-law; Billy and Sophie Eden, Grandson; Karly Eden and Jay Pendlebury, Grandaughter; Bradley Milson, Grandson; Mia Newton, Grandaughter; Kiera Milson, Grandaughter; Brenda Milson, Sister in Law; Brenda Gwinnett, Sister; Elaine Bench, Niece; Vicky Burton, Niece; Vic and Paula Milson, Nephew; Brian and Eileen Milson, Brother and Sister in Law; Graham and Ann Brooker, Brother in Law and Sister in Law; Joann Amos, Sister-in-law; Maurice Milson, Brother; Natasha Brooker, Niece and Goddaughter, and Poppy Chatterton, Great Niece; Tony, Dean and Ivan Milson, Nephews; Neil and Susan Milson, Nephew; Phill Milson, Nephew, also rep Anita, Victoria and Mark; Gus Milson, Nephew; Chris Harpham, Nephew and Matthew Borman; Heather Milson, Niece and Sean Copelands; Karen Harris, Great Niece, also rep Neil and Thelma Osborne, Niece; Gary and June Harpham, Brother in Law and Sister in Law; Robert Harpham, Nephew and Emily Heaton; Katie Harpham, Niece; Trish Milson; Josephine Motson, Cousin;

Other Mourners

Albert Hammond; Gillian Burton, also rep Paul Burton; Simon Keefe; 
Ros Sufflebotham, also rep Cara and Darren Russell; Philip and Helen Maltby; Paddy Adams; Lee Mamwell; Tony 
and Hazel Walmsley; Graham and Liz Fox.

Funeral arrangements were by Kettle Funeral Directors, Louth