OBITUARY: Gilbert Bryan Pridgeon

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The funeral service for the late Gilbert Bryan Pridgeon, 93, of Alford, was held on Thursday May 8 at Alford Crematorium.

Excellent funeral arrangements were by Lincolnshire Co-operative Funeral Services, David Camm and his team.

Thanks to Robert Rae who conducted the service, to the Half Moon and to those who donated over £600 for the Lincs & Notts. Air Ambulance.

Family mourners – David & Lynda Pridgeon (son & wife), Gillian (daughter), Melissa & Rex (granddaughter & husband), Alison & Jonathan (granddaughter & partner), Stephen & Hollie (grandson & partner), Phyllis Shaw, John & Jean Pridgeon (cousins), Colin Pridgeon (Nephew) also representing Elaine Floyd and Cheryl Pridgeon (great nieces), Ralph & Janet Pridgeon (nephew & wife), Adrian Pridgeon & Karen Clarke (great nephew & niece)

Other mourners - Sheila McCulloch, Philip & Susan Campling, Winston Campling, Pete & Elaine Bourne, Jodi Gazda, Gill Walmsley, Mr & Mrs Pilcher, Mary Cox, John & Jane Dickinson, Andrew & Emma Dent, Christopher Dent, Ethel Astle, Mr & Mrs J Woffinden, Mr & Mrs T Rusling, Ron & Doris Smith, John & Jean Evison, Mr & Mrs E Vear, Graham & Sandra Hutchinson, Mr Burkingham & Janet Turner, Mr A Haughton, Mr Eric Thornally, Brian Simpson also representing Mary, Terry Crow also representing Wendy, Mr C Johnson, Ralph & Shirley Riggall, Mr & Mrs Lionel Searston, Ruby Clarke, Nigel Harrison also representing The Drainage Board, Keith Sharpe, Brian Kirkby, Mr & Mrs Cyril Harrison, Ruth Blanchard, Mr & Mrs Herbert Brooks, David Brooks, Mr L Griffin, Joe Taylor, Noel Riley, Graham West, Brian Middleton, Alistair Stones, Mr & Mrs Sid Swaby, Mrs G Brooks, Mrs K Mountain, Martin & Jane Chapman, John Farrow also representing Kath & Margaret Farrow, Robert Done, Barnaby Patchett also representing Hubbards Seeds, John & Robert Bell, Mrs Trish Rae, Tim & Pam Denby also representing the Denby family, John & Marrion Brown, George & Barbara Willoughby, Colin Pinder, Pat Smith, Sid Horry, Hannah Smith, Wendy Stevens, Stephen Campling, Brian Weaver, Alan & Margaret Davies.