OBITUARY: Gordon Bennett

The funeral service of the late Gordon Christopher Bennett was held at All Saints’ Church, Legbourne, on Friday October 17.

Arrangements were conducted by Lincolnshire Co-operative Funeral Services

The service was conducted by Reverend Lorraine Turner and the following mourners attended:

Family Mourners: Mr and Mrs Paul Bennett - Son and daughter in law, Mr and Mrs Jason Bennett - Grandson and wife, Mr and Mrs James Bennett - Grandson and wife, Mr and Mrs Maurice Smith, Ms Joyce Bennett - Sister, Mrs Lynn Bennett - Sister in law, Mr Mark Bennett - Nephew, Mr and Mrs Paul Bennett - Nephew and wife, Mr and Mrs Michael Wimsey - Nephew and wife (also representing Ms Melanie Wrisdale Hewitt and Mrs Hilda Wrisdale), Mr Norman and Mrs Sheila Bonner - Cousin, Mr Ian Gilliat, Mr Bob Frankum (also representing Mrs Shirley Frankum), Mr John Carter (also representing Keetch Factors), Mr Pete and Mrs Freda Brocklebank, Mr Barry and Mrs Barbara Baldock, Mr Keith Willerton (also representing Mr Brian and Mrs Sylvia Luckwell), Mrs Elaine Bourne, Mr Brian Shaw, Mr Steven Marshall, Mr Lee Sizer (also representing Mrs Heidi Sizer), Mr and Mrs Draper, Mr Howard Castell, CJ and NJ Wilkinson (also representing J Wilkinson), Mr David Chapman (also representing The Chapman Family), Mr Ian Fletcher, Mrs Diana Broadmeadow (also representing Mr Chris Rolph, Ants and Nats Mr Jim and Mrs Ann Randall of Louth Building Supplies), Mr and Mrs Harneiss, Mrs Ann Rogers, Mrs Yvonne Hutton (also representing Mr Andrew Hutton), Mrs Irene Simpson, Mr Dudley and Mrs Pat Barton (also representing The Barton Family), Mr David and Mrs Doreen Dixon, Mr Colin Marris, Mrs Hilary Kingn (also representing Mr Pat King), Mrs Shelley Hagan, Mr Mick and Mrs Grace Willoughby (also representing Mr Brian and Mrs Jean Cooper), Mr Neil Braithwaite, Mr Ron Pearson, Mr Mark Pocklington (also representing Mrs Jane Pocklington), Mr Simon Pocklington (also representing Mrs Linda Pocklington), Mrs Janet Stubbs, Mr Steve and Mrs Helen Gilbride, Mr Dennis and Mrs Mary Marshall, Mr Basil Dixon (also representing The Louth Library), Mr Tony and Mrs Carol Stubbs (also representing Mr Mark Stubbs, Mr Paul Stubbs and Mr Hubert Caborn), Mr John Pridgeon (also representing Mr Steven Pridgeon), Mrs Pauline Baskcomb, Mr Geoff and Mrs Margaret Hill (former Manager of the Louth Museum), Mrs Jenny Cope (also representing Mr Andrew Cope), Mr Ross Harris (also representing Mrs Julie Harris), Mr John Melton (also representing Mrs Jeva Melton), Mr John and Mrs Yvonne Danielewski, Mr Geoff and Mrs Liz Hilton, Mr John Adlard (also representing Mrs Veronica Adlard), Mr David Robinson (President, Louth Ants and Nats), Mr Paul Drewery (also representing Sam Drewery) Mr Harvey Beltran, Mr Stuart Cragg, Mrs Susan Elvin (also representing Mr Michael and Mrs Carol Jackson), Mr Jim Waumsley, Mr Andy Baldock, Mr Wayne Stocks, Mr David Southwood(also representing Mr and Mrs Lol Sykes), Mr John Winter (also representing Mrs Trudi Winter), Mr Dennis Wilkins (also representing Mrs Joy Wilkins), Mr Stuart Craig (also representing Mrs Kate Craig), Mr Kerry and Mrs Sally Lovely, Mr Graham Cook, Mrs Rachel Burnett, Mr Martin Smith (also representing Mr Kevin Woodthorpe), Mr Andrew Wright, Mr Karl Emmerson, Mr Malcolm and Mrs Jackie Mathewson, Mr Henry Smith, Mr George and Mrs Betty Blades(also representing Faulkners Electrical Store), Mr Key, Mr Albert and Mrs Mavis Maw (also representing Mr John and Mrs Maureen Milson and Family, Mr John and Mrs Jane Dickinson, Mr Robin and Mrs Amanda Peck), Mr Gordon and Mrs Jean Marshall, Mrs Anne Parker, Mrs Michelle Holmes, Miss Polly Collins, Mrs Jane Marvin, Mr Martin and Mrs Jane Chapman (also representing Mr Stuart Sizer and Louth Ants and Nats), Mr Phil and Mrs Tracey Toms, Mr Neil and Mrs Sandi Rance, Mr Cedric Blackburn (also representing Mrs Vera Blackburn), Mr Snowy Bell (also representing Mr Ian Bell), Mr Ron and Mrs Trish Larder, Mr and Mrs Barnes, Mr Gary Smith, Mr Ralph and Mrs Shirley Dale (also representing Andrew and Richard), Mr Victor and Mrs Enid Borrill, Mr Ken and Mrs Janette Arnold (also representing Mr David Sandwith, Eve and Ranshaw), Mr Fred Desforges (also representing Mrs Margaret Desforges), Mr Joe Law, Mr Les Darby, Mr Anton Drewery (also representing Sam), Mr Niall Wimsey, Mr Paul and Mrs Linda Morley, Mr Ken Patience (also representing Mrs J Patience), Mr Martin Cragg, Mr Colin Cragg (also representing Mrs Jackie Cragg), Mr Pete and Mrs Eileen Jackson, Mrs Doreen Brain, Mr Richard Cragg, Mr Michael and Mrs Vivian Booth, Mr Stuart and Mrs Pearl Robinson, Mr Trevor and Mrs Barbara Marris, Mr Colin Hillyard, Mr Eric and Mrs Diana Kingswood, Mr Paul Weber, Mrs Shelley Evison, Mrs Jill Clarey (also representing Mr Alan Clarey), Mr and Mrs Hughes, Mr Colin and Mrs Joan Gundy, Mr Tony Ryan, Mr Phil and Mrs Polly Sturman, Mr John and Mrs Irene Swaby(also representing The Swaby Family), Mr Rob and Mrs Jackie Stanley, Mr O’Flynn, Mrs Trish Grantham (also representing Mr Shaun Cole and Mr Josh Grantham), Mr Malcolm and Mrs Janet Stevenson (also representing Stevenson’s Greengrocers), Mrs Sue Hudson, Mr Darren Smith, Mr Paul Dobbs (also representing Duncan and Topliss), Mr Michael Loveday (also representing John Pocklington Limited), Mr Andrew and Mrs Debbie Goulsbra, Mr Carl Goulsbra (also representing Miss Hannah Goulsbra), Mr James Wells, Mrs Paula Hunt (also representing The Louth Navigation Trust), Mr John Green, Mr Steve Sharp (also representing Mrs Marion Sharp).