OBITUARY: Grace Emily Taylor

The funeral service for the late Grace Emily Taylor, 82, was held on Thursday April 10 at Grimsby Crematorium.

Funeral arrangements were by Lincolnshire Co-operative Funeral Services (inc. V. Walker Funeral Services)

The service was conducted by Reverend Keith Tomlin.

Family mourners: Mr & Mrs Bill and Joan Taylor (Brother-in-law and Sister-in-law)

Mr Steven Taylor (Nephew) also rep Mrs S Taylor, Miss S Taylor and Miss S Taylor,

Mr and Mrs Richard and Lynette Taylor (nephew and wife) Mr Sam Taylor (great nephew) Miss Leigh Taylor (great niece) Mr & Mrs Sandra and Richard White (Goddaughter and husband).

Other mourners: Mr Aubrey Norton, Mr & Mrs Haydn and Brenda Morris, Mrs Dot Small, Mr Clive Jones, Mrs Claire Jones, Miss Dana Jones, Miss Gracie Jones, Mr & Mrs Paul and Teresa Gillender, Mr & Mrs Russ and Denise Broughton, Mr & Mrs John and Rosie Ingall, Mr & Mrs Raymond and Angela Graves, Mr Ray Fawcett (also rep the Fawcett family), Miss Cecily Davy, Mr & Mrs Jim and Marjorie Dring, Mr & Mrs Brian and Barbara Lomas, Mrs Deborah Clark, Mr & Mrs John and Liz Morriss, Mr & Mrs Roy and Mary Peall, Mr & Mrs Richard and Jill Tasker, Mrs Jean Bryan, Miss Vanessa Cook (also rep John, Simon and Andrew Thompson), Mrs Mary Smith (also rep Mrs Anne Stratford, North Cockerington School), Miss Elaine Christian, Mr & Mrs John and Nancy Peppard (also rep Terry and Joyce), Mr Lee West (also rep Georgina West), Mr Harry West, Mr & Mrs Dave and Bernie Barnett, Mrs Freda Tuplin, Mrs Margaret Brown, Mrs Pam Janney (also rep Christopher and Claire Robinson), Mrs Pearl Robinson (also rep Stuart), Ms Jane Waumsley, Mr Alistair Stones, Mr & Mrs Albert and Mavis Maw, Mrs Mandy Sharpe, Mrs Ruth Terry, Mr Paul Sharpe, Mr & Mrs Jim and Brenda Pitt, Mrs Irene Gleeson (also rep Jeanette Skill), Mrs Irene Lonsdale, Mr & Mrs Ray and Nicky Garlick, Mr Patrick Purves (also rep Bridge McFarland), Mrs Jo Motson, Mr Brian Motson, Mrs Barbara Macdonald, Mrs Madge Newton (also rep David Newton), Mrs Christine Nicholson(also rep Pam Fairburn), Mrs Shirley Cartwright(also rep Yvonne Scott), Mr & Mrs Martin and Sue Cartwright (also rep Barbara Cresswell), Miss Rhogan Cartwright.