OBITUARY: Hugh Ian Boston

The funeral service for the late Hugh Ian Boston, aged 75 years, was held on Wednesday January 7 2015 at St Edith’s Church, Grimoldby.

The service was conducted by Reverend Chris Turner and the following mourners attended:

Family Mourners: Margaret Boston, wife, Mary Boston, daughter, Adam Boston, son, Anitha Boston, daughter-in-law, Akil Boston, grandson, Robin and Eva Boston, brother and sister-in-law, Jonny Boston, nephew and godson, Pete Boston, nephew, Lindy McKinnel, sister, Steve McKinnel, nephew, Christine McKinnel, niece, Fiona and Phil Wills, niece, David Wills, great nephew, Sally and John Purefoy, niece, Diana Boston, sister-in-law, Kate Boston, niece, Andrew Robertson, nephew, Michael and Deborah Uttley, brother-in-law and sister-in-law, Claire Uttley, niece, Ian Uttley, nephew, Richard Boston, cousin (also rep Kenneth Boston Family), Nicholas and Meryl Boston, cousin, James and Gwendolyn Boston, cousin (also rep Angela Gardner), Thomas Hiemstra, cousin (also rep Hiemstra family), Tim and Paula Armstrong, cousin, Lou Fleming, cousin, Kate and Greg Andrell, cousin, Nigel and Rachel Jones, cousin (also rep Adam Jones, Richard and Helen Loxton, Mike and Jean Hodgeson), Elizabeth Snell, cousin (also rep Tom Snell), Stewart Jones, cousin.

Louth Chamber Choir/Louth Choral Society: Louise Peterson, Gloria Bannister, Robert Land, Ken James (also rep Margaret James), Andrew Stratford, John and Andrea Prior, Sarah Billings, June Sandwith, Bridget Pannel, Heather Grierson, Frances Pankhurst, Philippa Winter, Richard Gurnham, David Paul, Margaret Bouskill, Anne South, Gill Chatford, Jane Keay, Linda-Rose King, Rosemary Kirk (also rep Reverend Jean Wrisdale), Patricia Platt, Ros Poulson, John Scammell, Tony Peebles (also rep Barbara), Gabrielle Keeler, Dr Martyn Drake (also rep Carol Drake), Malcolm McClean, Geoff Wall, Peter Barnett, John Barrow, Elspeth Fisher, David Bryant, Lisa Taylor, Martin Pickering (conductor)

Other Mourners: Nicholas Johnston, godson, Bev Bryant (also rep Michael and Jessica Banks, Mary Oxley), Dorothy Scammell, Dorothy Taylor (also rep John Taylor), Mick and Pauline Surr, Janet Hurst (also rep Hurst family), Darren Collins, Paul Burrell (also rep Mick and Marilyn Fowler), Mary Mundy, church warden (also rep Gerald Mundy), Anne Stratford (also rep Anne Atkins and North Cockerington Primary School), Reverend John Selfe (also rep Dorothy), Brian Cooper, Colin Byatt and Dr Peter and Avril Huke (rep Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust), John Platt, Richard Grylls (also rep Grylls family), Roger and Sylvia Green, John and Margaret Smith, Rick and Kathy Crust (rep Great Carlton Church PCC), John and Betty Needham, Hazel Bell, Stephen Foreman, Derek and Barbara Hand, Chris and Brenda Gait, Marjorie Jackson, Judith Nicholson (also rep Richard Nicholson), Cynthia Chadwick, Bob and Norma Booth, Karen Needham, John and Nancy Loft, Anthony and Anne Horne, Brian Wood (also rep Christine), Alistair and Sharon Needham (also rep John and Jean Sharp), Mark Watkins, John Savage, Christopher Pankhurst, Edna Smith, church warden South Cockerington, Lucy Castles, Malcolm Neal and Alan John (rep Louth Male Voice Choir), Andrew and Elizabeth McShane, Bill and Claire Atherton, Benjamin and Diane Bell, Barry Judges, Les and Di Porter, Derek and Marion Washbrook, Ralph and Pat Needham, Peter and Janny Faulkner, Jack and Paula Markham, Sandra Sales, Paul Hope (rep South Cockerington Parish Council), Peter Williams (also rep Williams family), Hazel Wagner, John and Lesley Hough, Margaret Bathurst, Janet Pritchard, Steve and Elaine Blyth (also rep Scott and Matthew Blyth), Janet McKee, Ross McQuillan, George Gilpin, Kathleen Jackson, Neil Ellis (rep Forester Boyd), Katrina Rea, Mark Higgins, Ruth Gatenby, Francis Higgins, Peter Robbens, John Avary, Julie Williams (also rep Paul Williams), Sally Vickers (also rep Stuart Vickers), Roger and Carol Taylor, Alison Spittles, Reg and Jean Bird, Celia Monument (also rep Sonia Davy), Dorothy Cheffings, Carol Adams, Derek Jackson, Ann Trafford (also rep Jenny Peterson).

Funeral arrangements were by Kettle Funeral Directors, Louth.