OBITUARY: Jack Hydes

The funeral service for the late Jack Hydes, 69 years old, was held on Thursday May 15, 2014 at St Lawrence’s Church, Fulstow. The service was conducted by Reverend Sue Allison and the following mourners attended.

Family Mourners: Jennifer Hydes, wife; Christopher and April Hydes, son and daughter-in-law; Ralph and Clare Hydes, son and daughter-in-law; Jean Huxley, sister; Gillian Wardle, sister; Greta Pearson; Susan Kingston; Jackie Bird, Cousin; Molly Stone, Auntie.

Other Mourners: Derek Wardle, Church Warden; Bill and Felicity Goodwin; Alan and Ruth Broadbury (also rep Lance and Janet Jacklin); Peter and Sally Vergette; John and Jenny Haden; John and Pat Specely (also rep John and Carol Specely); Gloria Bannister (organist); Stephanie Wilson (also rep Gavin Wilson); Andrew Pepperwell; Rotarian Keith Burnett (also rep Rotarian Nigel Frow); Tinus Buitendim; John Clark (rep Guild of Yorkshire Somneriers); Josephine Clark; Ron and Jean Williams; Tony Powell (also rep Cherry Powell and Stuart Faulkerner); John Lavin (also rep Ann Lavin and President and other members of The Rotary of Grimsby); Robert and Susan Bates; Peter and Heather Jeffrey; Gordon Butler; Charles Dobson (also rep Valda); Leslie Donaldson (also rep Lorna); Michael and Nicola Bull (also rep David and Kathleen Overton); Jez Wock; Val Davis; Dawn Wright; Graham and Vicky Page; Michael Hoole; James Long; Michael Carr; Peter Ryder.

Funeral arrangements were by Kettle Funeral Directors, Louth