OBITUARY: James Dring

The funeral service for the late James Dring was held on Monday October 13 at All Saints Church, Legbourne.

Funeral arrangements were by Lincolnshire Co-operative Funeral Services.

The service was conducted by Reverend Lorraine Turner and the following mourners attended:

Family mourners: Mrs Marjorie Dring, Wife, Dr & Mrs Judith and Michael Wilson, Daughter and son in law, Mr & Mrs Robert and Joanna Dring, Son and daughter in law, Mr & Mrs Emily and Stephen Boyd, Granddaughter and husband, Mr & Mrs Thomas and Jessica Wilson, Grandson and wife, Mr & Mrs Edward and Sally-Anne Wilson, Grandson and wife, Mr Hugo Dring and Paula, Grandson and girlfriend, Miss Camilla Dring and Mark, Granddaughter and boyfriend, Mr & Mrs Joan and Bill Taylor, Sister and brother in law, Mrs Kathleen Thompson, Sister, Mr & Mrs Richard and Lynette Taylor, Nephew and wife, Mr & Mrs Steven and Sue Taylor (also rep Sarah and Sophie), Nephew and wife, Mr Sam Taylor, Mr Neil Thompson (also rep Margaret) Nephew and wife, Mrs Cheryl Thompson (also rep Philip), Nephew and wife, Mrs Lynn Chapman, Niece, Mr Graham Elvin, Mr & Mrs Kathryn and Peter Hutchinson, Mrs Norah Blanchard, Ms Victoria Laughton, Miss Cecily Davy, Mr Matthew Walters.

Other mourners: Mr & Mrs Alan and Pat Brumpton, Mrs Liz Marshall, Mrs Valerie Osborne, Mrs Margaret Tointon, Mr & Mrs Daphne and Harry Rogers, Mr & Mrs Mavis and Albert Maw (also rep Jean Morgan and Pat & Hilary King), Mr & Mrs Dawn and Gordon Brooks, Mr Mel Chapman (also rep Ruth), Miss Dorothy Coffey Mrs Margaret Johnson, Mrs Jean Pridgeon, Mrs Kate Fenelly (also rep John), Miss Chris Heard, Miss Polly Collins, Mr & Mrs Vivienne and Michael Booth, Mrs Pam Hinsley (also rep Sylvia Scott and Barbara Barratt), Mrs Jane Borthwick (also rep Joy Parsons), Mrs Ruby Clarke, Mrs Hazel Hunt (also rep Marie and Karen Martin), Mr & Mrs John and Margaret Cooper, Mrs Audrey Gardner, Mrs Margaret Cole, Mr & Mrs Ray and Sue Edmonds, Mrs Diane Mogford, Mrs Betty Allen, Mr & Mrs John and Vivien Dawson, Mr & Mrs Pat and Henry Smith (also rep Jane and John Dickinson), Mr & Mrs Polly and Phil Sturman (also rep John and Audrey Clark and Karen and Mark), Mrs Margaret Tinkler, Andrea, Dave and Caroline, Mrs Patricia Hall (also rep Tony and family), Mr & Mrs Roy Peall, Mr John Green (also rep Mr & Mrs J Mathieson), Mrs Linda Murray (also rep Robert and Fiona), Mr & Mrs Lilian and Eric Hughes, Mr & Mrs Peter and Anne Marie Walsh, Mrs Michelle Holmes, Mr & Mrs Jean and Brian Cooper (also rep Christine and Gerry Johnson), Mr & Mrs Carol and Michael Chevins (also rep Joyce Wilkinson), Mr K Patience and Mrs J M Patience (also rep Mr A Garlant), Mrs Edith Jones (also rep Malcolm), Mrs Brenda Wringe, Mrs Marie Taylor, Mr Chris Rolph, Mr & Mrs Mick and Grace Willoughby, Mr David Stott, Mr & Mrs David Harrison, Mrs Jill Makinson-Sanders (also rep Joan Cash), Mrs Margaret Hallgarth, Mr & Mrs John and Mary Harris, Mr Stuart Alexander, Mr George Marshall.