OBITUARY: Janet Stott

The funeral service for the late Janet Stott, aged 75 years, was held on Tuesday February 10, 2015 at All Saints Church Legbourne.

The service was conducted by Reverend Lorraine Turner and the following mourners attended.

Family Mourners: David Stott, husband; Greg Stott, son; Harvey Stott and William Stott, grandsons; Deborah Stott, daughter; Samantha Stott and Adrian Williams, daughter and partner; David and Chris Mitchell, brother in law and sister; Jayne Edwards, niece; Christopher Mitchell, nephew; Kevin and Helen Mason, niece; Barrie and Irene Cartwright, brother and sister in law;

Norman and Margaret Barker, brother in law and sister in law; Brian and Miriam Whipp, brother in law and sister in law.

Other Mourners: Pete and Pat Rollings; Michael Rollings; Geoff and Carole Donger; Liz Marshall (organist); Eric and Lillian Huges;

Pat Brandall; Bill and Joyce Radcliffe; David and Ann Spencer; Bill and Carol Cato;Chris Heard and Polly Collins (also rep Jon and Jane Marvin); Chris and Kathy Brightmore; Christopher and Stacey Brightmore; Enid Coffey; Linda Murray (also rep Robert and Fiona, Dorothy Barron and Clive Nock); Dave and Alex Fendall (also rep Trish Grantham and Shaun Cole); Ken and Margaret James; Bob and Jenny Archer; Roy and Mandy Jarman; Kate Feneley (also rep John); Fred and Margaret Desforges; Lyn Andrews; Geoff and Liz Hilton (also rep Howard and Margaret Gen); Hilary King (also rep Pat King); Mick and Grace Willoughby (also rep Alison); Melvin and Ruth Chapman; Barry and Caroline Benson; Ray and Sue Edmonds; Stuart and Jane Riggall (also rep Terry and Maureen Robinson); David and Diane Shepherd; Nicholas Harvey and Sarah Leadbeater; Steve and Angela Leadbeater; Eric Pigdon (also rep Val Pigdon);

John Lomas (also rep Connie Lomas, Probus Club and Louth Bowling Club); Malcolm and Kay Shotton; Tim and Lindsey Moore; Rob and Will Oliver (also rep Annie Oliver); Helen Wimsey nee Wrisdale; Jenny Cope (also rep Andrew Cope); Neil Rant (also rep Sandi); Ruth Vickerman; Robert Dodds; Cecile Davy; Marjorie Dring; Malcolm and Enid Jones; Christopher and Rosemary Cruckshank; Phil and Polly Sturman; Mike Cartwright (also rep Jennie Mooney); Peter and Sue Twigg; Rebecca Woods; Dale and Anne Woods;

Katie and Paula from the Halifax; Stuart and Hilary Noble (also rep Rick and Andrea Graves); Fraser and Babs Graham; Ray and Tracey Archer; Geoff Rollings; Keith Hemmingway (also rep Sue Hemmingway); John Green; Chris and Kath Moss; Sam Drewery.

Funeral arrangements were by Kettle Funeral Directors, Louth