OBITUARY: John Charles Thompson

The funeral service for the late John Charles Thompson (84) was held on Tuesday March 11 2014 at St James Church, Louth.

Funeral arrangements were by Lincolnshire Co-operative Funeral Services (inc. V. Walker Funeral Services)

The service was conducted by Reverend Nick Brown and the following mourners attended:

Family Mourners: Mr John Thompson, son (also rep Mrs Cynthia Thompson and Mr Robert Thompson); Mr & Mrs Andrew and Elizabeth Burkitt, son-in-law and daughter; Master George Burkitt, grandson; Miss Charlotte Burkitt, granddaughter.

Other Mourners: Mr & Mrs Michael Graves; Mr Malcolm Sharpe (also rep Mr Bert Beeby); Mr Anthony Morrell; Mr Charles Pilbeam; Mrs Ruby Clarke (also rep the family); Mr Paul Chapman (also rep the Chapman family and Mill Farm, Sth. Killingholme); Mr & Mrs John and Daphne Briggs; Mr & Mrs John and Betty Wilson; Mrs Grace Dobson (also rep Mrs S Fisher and Mrs H Dawson); Mr & Mrs Anthony and Helen Mossop (also rep Jenny Jones); Mr Brian Holden; Mrs Shirley Cartwright; Mrs Claire Jones; Mrs Margaret Ottaway; Mr Stuart Ottaway; Mrs Jean Burkitt (also rep John Burkitt); Mrs Karen Archer; Mr Alec Riggall; Mr Simon Nicholson; Mr Rob Mager (also rep M Willey); Mr Stephen Kirby; Mr & Mrs Alan and Julie Willson; Mr Edwin Sharp; Mr & Mrs Brian and Christine Adlard; Mrs Sally Read (also rep Mr James Read and John and Sharla Read); Mrs G Atkinson (also rep Mr T Atkinson); Mr Alan Bowers; Mr John Laking (also rep the Lowry family); Mr Ced Blackbourne (also rep Mrs Vera Blackbourne); Mr Jim Judge (also rep Wilkin Chapman); Mrs Flora Bennett (also rep Mrs Sophie Barwood); Mr Philip Day (also rep Lincolnshire Association Agricultural Valuers); Miss Rachael Shucksmith; Mr Stuart Shucksmith (also rep Philip Shucksmith and the Shucksmith family); Mr Russell Jeanes (also rep Louth Market Auctioneers, and Mason’s Chartered Surveyors); Mr & Mrs Robert Key; Mr & Mrs Stephen and Dorothy Willows; Mrs Brenda Laughton (also rep Mr Adrian Limb); Mr Geoffrey Mountain; Mr & Mrs John and Sue Pridgeon; Mr Gordon Pridgeon; Mr Martin Briggs; Mrs Janet Stubbs (rep Woodthorpe); Mr Ray Phillip; Mr Andrew Kirk; Mr John Kirk; Mr Denis Kirk; Mr Alan Wells (also rep Stephen and Christine Bromfield); Mr & Mrs Denis and Carol Brocklebank (also rep Lee Brocklebank and Tony Wright); Mr J R Appleby; Mr & Mrs Terry and Elsa Mumby, Binbrook (also rep Clive and Brenda Lingard, Thorsway, and Mont and Pam Pearce, Binbrook); Mr James Needley (also rep Terry Vamplew, John Barkers); Mr Paul Robinson (also rep Willsons and Terry Smart); Mr & Mrs Jim and Pauline Thomas; Mr Tom Mountain; Mr Richard Marsh; Mr Simon Archer (also rep Miss Lynn Donoghue); Mr & Mrs Stephen and Julie Buckley; Mr Tim Buckley (also rep the Buckley family); Mr Ashley Barker (also rep T Barker and Sons); Mr & Mrs Martin and Joan Ward (also rep W Stubbs & Co.); Mr Phil Stevens (also rep Turner Evans Stevens); Mrs Julie Stevens (also rep Stevens Property Management); Miss Charlotte Stevens; Mrs Wendy Polden (also rep Ray); Mr & Mrs Gus and Geraldine Robertson (also rep Angela and Sally Robertson); Mrs Sally Thompson (also rep Jeff Thompson); Mr & Mrs John and Brenda Blundell; Mr G M Cooper (also rep D H Mower); Mr Jeremy Hexton; Mrs Barbara Robbie; Mr & Mrs Graham and Ina Metcalf; Mr Don Fenwick; Mr Ross Fenwick; Mr & Mrs Rob and Jill Lingard (also rep Trevor Osbourne); Mr Richard Oke (also rep Aev Oke); Mrs Barbara Oke; Mr & Mrs Jonathan and Janet Scott (also rep Susan and Ann); Mr Tim Atkinson (also rep Mrs V A Atkinson and Mr B Mather, Boston); Mr Charles Moses; Mr William Cuff; Jill Makinson (Sanders); Mr & Mrs Fred and Fay Cooper (also rep Mr & Mrs Carol Sutton); Mr & Mrs Brian and Mary Papworth; Mrs Judy Taylor (also rep Sean and Philippa Burns); Mr John Walker (also rep Sheila); Mr Tim Morrell; Mrs Sarah Allinson (also rep Geoff); Mr Paddy McFarland; Mrs Jane Harvey (also rep Philip Harvey); Mrs Cynthia Selleck; Mr John Michael; Miss Erica Gibson; Mrs Pat Smith (also rep George Smith Furnishers, and Mr & Mrs T Ross); Mr Bob Higgins (also rep Higgins Builders Ltd.); Mr Simon Howell and Miss Holly Howell (also rep the Howell family); Mr Michael Read; Mrs Shauna Baker; Mr Alan Belton; Mrs Mary Abbott; Mrs Rosemary Leak; Mr Jonathan Humphreys; Mr Gary Bexon (also rep Yvonne Bexon); Mr David Williams; Mr Neil Smith (also rep Perkins, George Mawer); Mrs Sonia Casswell; Mr Nicholas Sharp (also rep Perkins, George Mawer & Co.); Mrs Margaret Tointon; Mr Martin Chapman; Mr John Dawson; Mr Clive Goulsbra (also rep Andrew Laughton); Mr & Mrs Ernest and Margaret Hasthorpe; Mrs Jean Wood; Mrs Gwen Lockwood; Mr Peter Tuxworth (also rep Helen Tuxworth, also the late John Tuxworth); R A D Unsworth (also rep the Family, and Mr & Mrs Harrison of Sturdy’s Farm of Saltfleetby); Mr & Mrs A Forman (also rep Mr & Mrs Robin Forman); Mr G Forman; Mr Alan Smeeth; Mr & Mrs Charles and Julia Baron; Mr Peter Mountain (also rep David Barton); Mr Jim Waumsley (also rep Mr & Mrs M Powell, and Mr & Mrs Jim Luck); Mrs Tina Owen (also rep David Owen); Mr Keith Blakey; Mrs Janice Payne (also rep the Payne family); Mr & Mrs Steven and Caroline Chapman (also rep Edna Chapman) Mr & Mrs Philip and Kathleen Wilson (also rep Andrew and Pauline Stones); Mrs Carol Wilson (also rep Alice Tattersal); Mr Charles Wilson; Mr Ian Naylor (also rep David Barton and Naylor’s Auction); Mrs Barbara Fenwick; Mr John Barton (also rep Anne Barton); Mr Graham Turner (also rep Allan Turner); Mr & Mrs Dave and Ros Chapman; Mrs Christine Baxter; Mr Keith Davis; Mr & Mrs Derrick and Joan Littleworth (also rep Mr & Mrs Jim Greenfield); Mrs Joanna Whyles (also rep Mr & Mrs Michael Perkins); Mr James Boulton; Mr C W Laughton; Mr David Wood (also rep the Wood family); Mr & Mrs Michael and Elizabeth Buttler (also rep James and Sarah).