OBITUARY: John Pederson

Mr Pedersen EMN-140907-142133001
Mr Pedersen EMN-140907-142133001

The funeral service for the late John Pedersen aged 49 years was held on Monday 23rd June 2014 at Alford Crematorium. The service was conducted by Reverend David Newlove and the following mourners attended:

Family Mourners: Ann Pedersen, mother; Kevin Pedersen, brother; Karen & Harry Kerman, sister & brother in law; Alice Pedersen, niece; Chris Lait, uncle (also rep Linda Lait, auntie); Sarah & Shaun Lait, cousins; Dereck Mathewson, uncle; Alan and Pat Brumpton, uncle and auntie; Keith and Joyce Wright, uncle and auntie; John Wright, cousin; Tracey Stubbs, cousin (also rep Robert Stubbs); David and Debbie Brumpton, cousin; Malcolm and Jackie Mathewson, uncle and auntie; Anthony and Christine Mathewson, uncle and auntie; James and Lisa Mathewson, cousin; Peter and Pauline Grindel, uncle and auntie; Joan Westerby, great auntie; Nigel Westerby, cousin; Carl and Tina Eyre, cousin; Lisa Fawcett, cousin; Rebecca Middleton, cousin (also rep Colin Middleton); Keith and Ann Mathewson, uncle and auntie; John Raymond Anderson.

Other Mourners: Darren Cawte; Stuart and Lisa Wilkinson; 
Beth, Josh and Jeanette 
Wilkinson; Debbie Norwood (also rep Michael Ranshaw); Sheila Brailsford (also rep Susan Brailsford); Ernie and Janet Ranshaw; Tim Atkin; Rose Kimmings; Terry and Pamela Darby; John and Marjorie Snell; Roger and Julie Snell; Neil Reader; Carl Middleton; Josie Pedersen; Graham Shinn; A Singh-Roy (also rep Johanna Singh-Roy);

Melanie Ranshaw; Stephen Brown (also rep Stuart and Pam Perkins); Nick and Sue Lovesey; Nora 
Dennis (also rep Kevin, Debbie 
and Wagg); Ian Dennis; Janet Lait; Alison Stones; Sylvia Vickers; Ian Lait; Steve Wood; Ted Wherry; David Stephenson; Matthew and Theresa White; Charles and Lynn Fry; Hazel Clough; Sharon Evans; Brian and Sandra Ley; Ernie Bogg; David, Pat and Tom Wood; Peter and Catie Jellett; Nesta Thompson, Kim & Howard Thompson; Martin Burnett; Shaun Twigg; Peter Dixon; Noel Clark; Bob Dixon; Geoff and Elizabeth Traves; David Traves; Fred Storr; Andy Johnson;

Cecil and Frances Barton; John Barton; Mandy Manson; Roy and Sue Pickering (also rep Philip and Charlotte); Helen Finnie (rep Carton Ward); Diane Smith (rep Manby Ward and Urgent Care); Jane Walker (rep Louth Hospital); Betty Archer; Val Dobson; Neil Ranshaw; Thomas Mountain; Alan and Cheryl Lowes; Lewis Lowe; Steve Wilkinson; Kate Brooks; David Brown; Martin and Joanne Johnson; Michael and Margaret Pickering; Jim Randall (also rep Anne Randall and Louth Building Supplies).

Funeral arrangements were by Kettle Funeral Directors, Louth.