OBITUARY: Leslie George Bailey

Leslie George Bailey (Nodder) aged 80 sadly passed away at Princess Diana of Wales on February 5 after a long illness bravely born.

The ceremony of life service was read by Christine Ogden and the following family and friends attended at Alford crematorium on February 19 to celebrate his life.

Joan Bailey- Wife, Ian & Sue Bailey - Son and Daughter in law, Michael & Deborah Bailey- Son and Daughter in law, Stuart & Deb Bailey- Son and Daughter in law, Philip & Sheena Bailey- Son and Daughter in law, Rob Bailey & Emma Wrigley- Son and Partner, Kerry Bailey- Grandaughter, Craig Bailey- Grandson, Rebecca Bailey- Grandaughter- Dean Booth- Partner, Mia Booth- Great Grandaughter, Marcus Bailey- Grandson, Claire Madden- Grandaughter- Paul Madden- Husband, Richard Benson- Grandson- Danielle Benson- Wife, Andrew Bailey- Grandson, Nathan Bailey- Grandson- Rebecca Charnley Partner, Gavin Bailey- Grandson- Steph Coupland- Partner, Chloe Bailey- Grandaughter- Dean Johnson- Partner, Amy Bailey- Grandaughter Master Alfie Bailey wrigley- Grandson, Margaret Pulling- Sister, David & Mary Bailey- Brother and sister in law, Peter Brown- Brother in law- Maureen Odlin- Partner, Ken Brown- Brother in law, Pauline Wright- Sister in law- also representing Mr Dave Wright- Brother in law, Martin & Jackie Brown- Brother and sister in law, James Brown- Nephew, Fiona Brown- Sister in law- Michael Buchannan- Partner, Stephen Brown- Brother in law, Darren Brown- Nephew, Ann-Marie Noon- Niece, Mr and Mrs Simon Bailey- Nephew, Shaun & Mishi Bailey- Nephew, Michelle Guit- Niece, Cheryl Armstrong- Niece, Jackie Olley- Niece- Representing Janet Paterson-Sister,

Other Mourners: Roy Addison, Richard Ablewhite- Representing Bibbys Distribution, Steve & Ruth Metcalfe, Dave & Sandra Jaines, Henry Wishart, Gordon Donaghy, Pamela Pridmore, Dave Jackson, Mr & Mrs Dave Keefe, Trevor & Tracey Armstrong, Sharon Leverton, Mr Andy Gray- Representing Mrs Jean Grant, Binnie Campion, Catherine Frater- also Representing Mr Howard Addison, Charles Epton, Kevin & Beverly Green- Representing Lynn Green (Sister in law) & Terry Green (Nephew) & Wife, Jim Blanchard- also representing The Wheatsheaf, Andrew Wrigley, Denis & Joy Wilkins, Joy Callaghan, Derek Bruntlett, Paula Bruntlett, Dave & Julie Burton, Peter Mountain, Tony Melin, Roy & Betty Dobson, Karen Archer, Barry & Pat Nicholson, Phillip Greenfield - also Representing Janice Greenfield, Steve McShane, Chantelle Clare, Mr & Mrs Ron Wain, Billy Benson, David Barker, Mr & Mrs Brian Machamilton, Derek Thompson, Steve Armstrong, Lee Webb- also representing Doug, Shirley, Martin and Tracey, Fred Desforges, Jim & Pat Hancock, Mr & Mrs Derrek Abbott- also Representing Louth Cons Club, C Fairburn, Shirley Garlick, Mrs Sweeney- also Representing Debbie and Andrew, Edwin & Maureen Wrigley, Rob & Michelle Jaines, Angela Tozeland, Don Hert, Ann Clare, Mr M Coddington, Tony Stephenson, Michael Dawson, Tony Dawson, Joe Law- also Representing Mr Billie Law