Obituary: Margaret Grantham

The funeral service for the late Margaret Grantham was held at Alford Crematorium on Tuesday February 24, with arrangements conducted by Lincolnshire Co-operative Funeral Services. The service was conducted by Rev David Newlove and the following family mourners attended:

Mr Michael Grantham, husband; Mr Mark and Mrs Debbie Grantham, son and daughter-in-law; Mr James Grantham, grandson; Miss Lydia Grantham, granddaughter; Mr Bruce and Mrs Joan Stones, brother and sister-in-law (also representing Mr Nigel and Mrs Pauline French); Mr Robert and Mrs Carolyn Shaw, cousin (also representing Michael and Catherine Shaw); Mr Brian and Mrs Joyce Parker, cousin (also representing Albert); Mr John and Mrs Anne Stones, brother and sister-in-law; Mrs Joanne Carling, niece (also representing Mr Antoni Charalambous); Miss Katie Charalambous, great niece; Mr Harry Charalambous, great nephew; Ms Paula Stones, iece (also representing Miss Isabella Stones); Mr Robert Stones, nephew (also representing Miss Amy Stones); Mr Trevor and Mrs Val Stones, cousin (also representing Mr Norman Stones); Mrs Valerie Lingard, niece (also representing Mr Dennis and Mrs Heather Grantham, Perth, Australia); Mrs Ann Jacklin, niece; Mrs Pauline Jacklin (also representing Mr Keith and Mrs Gillian Grantham); Mr Nick and Mrs Lyn Stones, cousin; Ms Louise French and Mr Phil Scarfe, great niece; Mrs Linda French, niece (also representing Mr Chris French); Mr Graham French (also representing Mrs Clare French); Mr Mathew and Mrs Alena Nicholson, niece.

The following other mourners attended: Mrs Dawn Allen (also representing Mr Stephen Allen), Mr Craig Sutton (also representing Mrs Sharon Sutton and family), Mr Carol and Mrs Jill Sutton, Mr Tony Leak, Mr Michael Marshall (also representing Mr Stuart Marshall), Mrs Marion Libell, Mrs Sheila Riggall, Mr Mick Colbrook, Mrs Barbara Stones, Mr Jeff Stones, Mrs Janet Stevens, Mr Simon Green (also representing the Staff at Block Free Services and Lincs Loos), Mr Stewart and Mrs Carol Pridgeon (also representing E Drewery and Family; Philippa Lidstone-Scott), Mr Ian and Mrs Judith Jones, Mr Barry Wilkinson, Mr and Mrs Colin Marsh (also representing The Marsh Family), Mrs Margaret Furnival, Mr Fraser Taylor (also representing Mrs Inga Taylor and Mr Tom Taylor), Mr N and Mrs Gill Lovatt, Mrs Christine Atkinson (also representing Mr Ian Atkinson), Mrs Sheila Norman (also representing Mr Mike Norman), Mr Basil and Mrs Sheila Reeson, Mrs Brenda Smart (also representing The Smart Family), Mrs Valerie Smart (also representing Mr Adrian Smart), Mr Graham Stark, (also representing Mr Geoff Melton and Mr Trevor Milburn), Mr Doug and Mrs Sheila Dobson (also representing Mr Keith and Mrs Betty Dixon), Ms Alison Parnham, Mr and Mrs Cope, Mrs Doreen Gale (also representing Mr John Gale), Mrs Donna Smith, Mrs Christina Oswin (also representing the late Mr Stephen Oswin), Mr Richard Parkinson (also representing Allison and Lauren Parkinson), Mr Mark and Mrs Jane Rowbotham, Mr Ian Warsap (also representing Mrs Tonia Warsap), Mr Brian and Mrs Liz Libell (also representing Mr Brian and Mrs Ros Bishell), Mr Peter and Mrs Cicely Smith, Mrs Rita Jacklin (also representing Mr Hubert Jacklin), Mrs Carol Hopper, Mr Clive and Mrs Gill Oxborrow, Mr Rodney and Mrs Janet Brown (also representing Tim and Louise), Mr Adam Millson, Miss Samantha Millson, Mr Gary and Mrs Julie Millson, Mr Steven Blades, Mrs Sheena Dupree, Mr John and Mrs Jean Pridgeon, Mr Simon Smith, Mr John Wilkinson, Mr Roger Snell (also representing Mr Will Dawson), Mr Barry and Mrs Pam West, Mrs Margaret Veall, Mr Carl Scott, Mr John and Mrs Jean Sharp, Mr Stephen Wilkinson, Mr Antony Mossop (also representing Helen, Edward and Family), Mr Chris Jackson, Mr and Mrs Castledine, Mr Barry and Mrs Sue Ireland, Mr Martin and Mrs Janet May, Mr J and Mrs K Worthington, Mrs Margaret Bett (also representing Mr Maurice Bett and Line Dancing Friends), Mrs June Howard (also representing Line Dancing Friends)Mr Shane Nuttall, Mrs Helen Locking (also representing Gary and Family), Mrs Pickard (also representing Mr Nigel and Mrs Pauline French and family), Mr Stuart and Mrs Katie Parnham, Mr Ian Braithwaite, Mr Brian Gill, Mr John and Mrs Doreen Silvester, Mr Bill Maddison (also representing The Maddison Family), Mr Jim and Mrs Gwen Parker, Mr Tony and Mrs Barbara Burgess, Mr Philip and Mrs Sue Lowis, Mr and Mrs Barry Rendall, Mr Roy and Mrs Susan Nicholson, Mr Pete and Mrs Gwen Davey, (also representing Mr Brian Donner), Mr and Mrs Lance Jacklin, Mr Robert and Mrs Janet Hurton (also representing Ms Rebecca Hurton and Ms Grace Willerton), Mr Malcolm and Mrs Malvyne Wilson, Mr Martin Rylatt (also representing Rylatt Plumbing and Heating), Ms Kelly Keal, Ms Julie Butler, Mr Nigel and Mrs Angela Wray, Mr and Mrs Barry Hedison, Mr Bruce and Mrs Sue Stapleton, (also representing Mr Brian and Mrs Margaret Drewery), Mr Jim and Mrs Olivia Hurton, Mr Basil Reeson, Mr and Mrs Jason Lambert, Mrs Carol Allison (also representing Mr George Allison), Mr Mark and Mrs Sally Johnson, (also representing Mrs June Sutherland), Mrs Carol Stones, (also representing Mr Stephen Stones), Mr Simon Nicholson, Mrs Janet Caswell (also representing Roy, John, Sonia Caswell and Mrs Mary Michael), Mr Mark Caswell (also representing Mrs Jane Caswell), Mr Tony and Mrs Rita Hastings, Mrs Marie Dalton (also representing Mr Ian Dalton and Ms Louise Dalton), Mrs Doreen Woodward

(also representing Mr Russell Woodward), Mr Paul Walmsley, Ms Lauren Walmsley, Mr and Mrs John Campion (also representing Mr and Mrs Joby Barton; Mr Ian Watson, Louth Park Farms), Mr Julian and Mrs Marjorie Jackson, Mr Alan and Mrs Ruth Bradbury (also representing Mr Don and Mrs Margaret Harvey), Mrs Freda Oliver, Mr Steve and Mrs Anne Frith, Mr Barry and Mrs Becky Wray, Mr Richard and Mrs Mary-Anne Drinkel, Mr Bernard and Mrs Maureen Hutchinson (also representing Mr and Mrs Dunning; Mr Rob and Mrs Jill Lingard; Mildred Vyvyan; Mr Ian Wray), Mr Paul Wilkinson, Mr Richard Jackson, Mr Nigel Taylor, Mr Miles and Mrs Pauline Murphy, Mr Alan and Mrs Pat Peart (also representing Mr Kevin and Mrs Fiona Beevers), Ms Kate Brooks (also representing Mr Gordon and Mrs Jean Brooks), Mrs Clover (also representing The Clover Family), Mr Ward, Mr Fred Cooper, Mr and Mrs M Crombie, Mr and Mrs S Stones, Mr and Mrs K Sparks, Mrs Ruth Sutton (also representing Mr Harry Sutton), Ms Diane Sutton (also representing Mr Stephen Parker), Mrs Ann Allvey, Ms Jo Kerridge, Mr Michael Mendham, Anne Randall (also representing G.P.H. and L.B.S. and Julie Harrison).